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Setting Goals

Decide how much per month it would take to realize the dreams you have for your family.  Use these questions to help you set your goals for your Plexus business:

1.  What do I want from my Plexus business?

2.  Why do I want it?

3.  What will I commit to achieving my goal?

The commitment portion of the goal-setting process is perhaps the most crucial.  It's easy to decide what you want and why you want it, but to understand your commitment to achieving your goal is key.  If you keep on doing what you have always been doing, you are going to get what you have always been getting.

In order to achieve your new goals, you will need to make some changes to what you are currently doing. 

Below are some suggestions of activities you might commit to in order to achieve your goals with Plexus.  You can add new commitments to your plan each week; you don't have to start trying to do everything right out of the gate.  Your Sponsor will help you work through the New Ambassador Checklist which has lots of activities as well.

  • I will review my goals every day
  • I will have each member of my family begin using at least one Plexus product
  • I will give out 2 Plexus business cards/ brochures/catalogs every day.
  • I will do a 3-way phone call at least once a day.
  • I will have at least one prospective customer/ambassador on every Plexus Opportunity Call.
  • I will commit to actively sharing Plexus for at least one year.
  • I will attend the next Plexus National Convention.

You can use the "What If" scenarios to see what can be accomplished with just a little action each day!

Now, write down your goals and email them to your Sponsor!

Read Section 03 in the "Success Guide" that comes in your Starter Kit

Questions to help identify your "WHY":

1.  Which of the following areas are important to you?

  • Improving health
  • Losing weight
  • Financial security/freedom
  • Creating a new lifestyle
  • Adventure/new experiences
  • A fulfilling career
  • Self-improvement
  • Meeting new friends
  • Creating greater social experiences
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Helping others
  • Education

2.  Which of these areas is the most important for you to improve on, starting today?

3.  Are you earning enough money currently to realize the goals and dreams you have for your family?

How much money would you need to earn per month to make these things happen?

4.  In which of these areas would you like to improve?

Read Sarah Robbins' blog post here:

Now write down your WHY and email it to your Sponsor!