Company Catalog

Product info, company info, testimonials, etc. Available in your Back Office.  There are also brochures and other promotional items there :)

Team Presentation-

Testimonials and Info

Presentation on the Products and Business recorded by

Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan and featuring testimonials by Diana Bryan, Karen Smith and Dawn Vaughan.  A great way for your prospects to hear a little about the products and business with how it's working for us :)

Call 1-302-202-1115
Access code: 43674927

or click on this link to listen on your computer or device!

Video Presentation

Only 12 min!

Presentation on the Products and Business by Sapphire Ambassador (and our upline!) Patti Cuevas as well as a testimonial by .Diamond Ambassador Coach Cuevas on how Plexus helped him get off 4 insulin shots and avoid back surgery!

The link to send to people:

Resources to Use to Present the Business and Products

Great ways to present the business and products even when you don't know much yourself! 

Team Dawn Vaughan

Other Great Tools to Use!

Want to start off your business with several customers or ambassadors to help you pay for your product?  You might even go Silver and get that $100 Bonus with ONE event!

Your Sponsor and I can do a Facebook Online Launch Party for you!

We'll provide the prizes, set up the event, run the posts and videos, do the drawings, answer questions... all YOU have to do is invite your friends and family!

We've been having GREAT success with these!!

For a simple meeting presentation: 

Step One: show the corporate Plexus Products Overview video here:

Facebook Online Launch Party!

Online Presentation

Plexus Online Event streamed live on Sept. 8, 2015.  A GREAT link to send to potential customers/ambassadors because it wraps it up in only 33 minutes! Perfect for people who would rather watch a video than read a lot of info.

Link to send to people:

Written Testimonials

Looking for a specific testimonial to send to someone?  We try to find and list all testimonials!  Click on the button above to go the page, then copy and paste the link and send to your prospect!

EPIC Testimonials Video!

A great way for friends and family to find out what the products have done for lots of people!

The link to send to people:

Online Facebook Informational Event

On July 2, 2015, Karen Smith, a Silver Ambassador on our team, hosted a phenomenal Online Plexus Informational Event on Facebook which we all helped with. 

You'll find tons of product info, business info and testimonials there, and it's a great way to introduce a prospect to our business if they like to read lots of info!  All the info has been left up so you can look at it at anytime.  Just invite your friends and family.... we changed the date so that the information would stay up longer, but just explain to them that the event already happened but the info is there!

If you would like to do something similar for YOUR friends and family to attend, get with your Sponsor or contact me and I'll get our whole team involved!

Have a ZOOM meeting with you, a few friends, and if you like, your Sponsor or Upline!

DO a quick 3 minute zoom meeting!.  Tell your stories, tell just a bit about the Triplex (or your other favorite products) and then let then know how to order or join.  Also let them know that by joining they can help you get a $100 Bonus... and let them know how THEY can get a $100 Bonus by joining to get their products at wholesale and then doing a zoom and signing up 3 of their friends!

It's that simple, easy and DUPLICATIBLE for your team to grow quickly!

To get a free ZOOM account, go to !

Plexus Team Dawn Vaughan:
Training 4 Diamond!
Text:  479-616-6513

For a simple presentation: 

Step Three: if they would like more detailed information on how we get paid, show this corporate video:


Use Samples to Get New Customers!

We have lots of samples you can purchases in your Back Office!  

We have 7-day trials of Slim, Slim/Boost and Slim/Accelerator+.

We also have 3-day trials of Slim, Slim/Boost, Slim/Accelerator+ and Slim/Block.  I try to buy at least 5 of everything at the beginning of each month and then sell them to people who might be interested but want to try it first.  That can give you potential customers or ambassadors!  It's money well-spent because you're getting reimbursed when you sell them AND you're gaining new customers!

I will also give one stick of Slim for someone to taste first :)

3-Way Calls with your Upline and Prospect

Is your upline not local to you?  Would you like someone to help explain things to your prospect?  Maybe they have questions that you can't answer?  Do a 3-Way Call between you, your prospect and someone in your Upline!  Don't ever feel that you don't have support!  Click on the button above to go the page with more info :)

For a simple presentation: 

Step Two: show the short presentation I did here:

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Don't miss our weekly team meeting!

This is the link you'll use...if you've never been on one of our Zoom meetings, just click on it at about 7:45 to make sure it gets downloaded to whatever device you're using (you can use computer, tablet or smartphone):

OR you can join by phone:
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Brochures, Business Cards, Banners

I recommend Ginger Cannon and her company:

Ginger does an awesome job and all her materials are compliance-approved.  Join her Facebook group for specials she runs!