Tips for Success in Your Plexus Business

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Team Dawn Vaughan

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Dawn's 5 Tips for Success:

Are you doing these things EVERY DAY?

1)BE a "product of the product"- Take the products EVERY DAY! How can you share about the products if you don't know how they work for you?

2) TALK to 1 new person each day about Plexus (can be in person, over the phone or online). It can be as simple as saying, "I’ve got some exciting news to share with you! My friends & I have a new Facebook group called “Health & Happiness Hour” where different people will be sharing LIVE every Tuesday, how we are living healthier & happier! Throughout the week group members will be sharing testimonies & other interesting info about our supplements and business!😄 It's an easy way for you to learn more about my company and it's products before making a decision to join.  And you can leave at any time ☺️ I can add up to 4 guests a week. Can I add you?"

You can add up to 4 people each week to the group.  That's a potential of 16 new ambassadors and/or customers each month!

3) FOLLOW UP with the guests you've added to the group each week!  Ask them if they learned anything in the group and if they are ready to order as a customer or even join as an Ambassador. Then give them your website link.  Follow up with someone until they give you 4 DEFINITE NO's. Research says that most people will say "no" automatically without really looking into your offer, but if you're persistent, then they start thinking… "This must be really good if they aren't giving up!!" Don't be afraid of being rejected...Go for NO! and you'll get some Yes's along the way!

4) STUDY something about the products each day- pick one product and learn all you can about it. Study something about the compensation plan each day- pick one portion and learn it until you know it intimately! Even if you just spend 5 minutes a day on this, you WILL learn it over time  There are lots of training materials here in this website. Pick a video and watch it every day until you KNOW everything in it! But DON'T WAIT until you know everything to start inviting people to the group- that's what the group is for!!!!!

5) TRAIN your team members to do exactly what you're doing! Duplication is the magic ingredient in any network marketing business!

If you do those 5 things every day without fail, over time you WILL become successful in your business!!


From Diamond Ambassador Alicen Breaux...
22 awesome tips that can help you to be successful with Plexus...

1. When you first get into your network marketing home-based business, write out your plans and goals! I'm sure you've heard it said many times before..."Most people never plan to fail, they simply fail to plan". Take the time to write out your plans and goals. Be realistic, but be tough on yourself. Push yourself. One of my favorite quotes is "What your mind can conceive, it can achieve".

2. Get started immediately. Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you start. That will never happen. Jump in and get started.

3. Treat your MLM/network marketing business as a serious, full-time business, and it will quickly become one.

4. Don't focus your attention on trying to sponsor the "big hitter" who tells you that they are going to bring in 120 people. Sure, it would be nice, but don't get caught up in the hype and emotion. It takes a team effort.

5. Know that rejection will happen. Not everyone is going to want what you have. There are some people that you could put a huge pile of gold in their front yard, and they would still walk right on by it. Or, they simply will not believe it's gold. Don't get discouraged. There are literally MILLIONS of people wanting what you have.

6. Follow up! This is the single most important factor to your success. You have probably heard that the fortune is in the follow up. People will rarely call you back, but they will join you if you follow up and show them you care about their needs. Call them and ask how things are going...or at least email them. By following up with everyone, you will sponsor new business partners in your network marketing business.

7. Have patience. Big incomes never happen overnight. And this is especially true if you are also working a full-time job somewhere. It may take you a year or two to obtain your income goal and quit your current job. If you knew that you could be doing your home business full-time in only a year from now...would it be worth the wait?

8. Don't give your new reps wild expectations. Let them know what to expect. Always be honest with them.

9. Realize that your MLM business is going to require an investment. Just like a brick and mortar business, your home business is going to require an investment in marketing supplies and tools. Thankfully, network marketing doesn't require you to take out a 2nd mortgage to operate.

10. Don't let anything knock you out of your home-based business and cause you to quit. You can only fail in this business if you give up on yourself.

11. Don't do things for your reps that they should do themselves. There is a fine line between being helpful, and doing the entire business for them. Understand your downline is going to do what you do. Lead by example. Do all the things that you want your reps to do. Be sure the example you are setting is one that you would want to follow if you were in their shoes.

12. Don't waste time on cynics, or non-motivated people. They will NOT succeed in this business, or any other business for that matter. Trying to drag someone into your business is only going to drain you of all your energy and beat you down. Let them go and move on.

13. Don't whine and complain to your upline every time you have a problem. No one wants to spend time with constant whiners and complainers.

14. Always operate your business in a professional and ethical manner. Don't make false claims about your MLM/network marketing product, or exaggerate your income. Give your prospects the facts and you will build trust. People can be smarter than you think. Most can sniff out if you're being dishonest quickly. Then you have lost your credibility, as well as your prospect.

15. Think BIG! Think big dreams. Set BIG goals. Small thinking producing small results. Live life without putting limits on yourself.

16. Keep in close contact with your new people you sponsor into your network marketing business. Let them know you care and are there to help. Praise your new people who are doing good things. Always at least send an email to them when they sponsor someone new. Let them know they're doing a great job!

17. Always be ENTHUSIASTIC! Smile when you're on the phone. Enjoy yourself and let others feel your enthusiasm for what you're doing. It quickly becomes contagious.

18. When you discover new ways of building your MLM home business, share them with others on your team. Remember...duplication is the key to success in this business.

19. Keep organized with your business. Have a system in place to keep track of those who you have invited to the group, or thinking about getting started, even if it's just a notebook to write their names in.

20. Listen to tapes, or read books on network marketing and personal development. It will pay BIG dividends as the months go by. Ask any leader in your business about the importance of personal development and they will all tell you the same thing.

21. Don't allow small problems and rejections that arise throw you off and upset you. Think about the positives, and always keep focused on the big picture.

22. Have FUN! People want to be around others who are having fun, be it in everyday life, or your business. Have fun with your home based business. Enjoy yourself, and watch how many others want to be involved in what you're doing.

Tips from the Top

Tips from top ranking Plexus Ambassadors!

Laurie Cooper- "Educating myself on everything I could with network marketing, our company and our products. Caring about other peoples success and doing everything I could to help them learn what they needed. Building real relationships with people and asking God to guide me in everything. Overflow with passion and excitement and give people hope that this can happen for them too. Never ever ever tolerate or get involved with anything negative. My blinders are always on and my eyes are on the big picture and the vision that God showed me. If there is rock in the road I probably won't see it."

Jenn Hawkins- "Asking questions and then telling a real life testimony that relates to their need/desire."
Cheyenne Weable- "Be honest and sincere. Follow up, follow up, follow. Educate your customers and downline on all products and their benefits."

Alicia McKee- " spend some time on the Plexus Worldwide Youtube channel! Over 200 videos and trainings there - straight from Plexus. Diamond Docs, product videos, comp plan videos... make a plan to watch or listen to a Wednesday night call once a day. You can do this while in the car or while cleaning up the kitchen or making dinner! So much to learn. I gave up TV when I started and record a few shows here and there but rarely RARELY watch tv. And guess what. I don't miss it! I would rather be learning about Plexus and how to grow my biz"

Stephanie Wehrle Huffman- "Knowledge is power! Read! Read! I agree with Alicia..... I remember watching everything I could get my hands on specific to plexus! I now encourage my team members to do the same."

Jana Lane Garcia- "Find ways to connect people. Especially the motivated ones that want it. Whether that be a chat, group or group text, a daily place for people to see motivating chatter can be a game changer for some. It's a hit or miss thing. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they aren't. But the successful ones make a world of difference. Especially if most of your team is not local, so not much opportunity for in person meetings. Never stop brainstorming ideas that will help people learn and get out of their comfort zone, and encourage continual learning/improving."

Alicen Ford Breaux- "Master the skill of inviting. 
Stay consistent in every aspect of your business and with using your products. This is so important."

Kelly Norman- "Make a list of 100 people... remember: you will always be adding to this list as you meet more people and others come to your mind. I like to use F.R.A.N.K. Friends Relatives Neighbors and Kids to boost my mind. Once you have your list circle 20 to contact. You can email, text, inbox or better yet call! Remember there is fortune in the followup! sometimes it takes 6 exposures for someone to jump on board.. I also like to encourage 3 way calls when you are contacting people. If they seem interested and want to know more info see if you can set a three way up with your upline. Bring new life into your downline creates momentum! Let your downline know you Will match their energy! Last but not least you have a small window after someone signs up of raw excitement. Make sure you are training and encouraging quickly after signing them up."

Sheila Medina- "Testimonies!!! Share don't keep this product or business opportunity a Secret!!"

Beth Anderson- "I say communication with team members. And not just over Facebook. Call each of them and continue training them. Make things personal. People like real! Testimonies of people you know personally work best for me. I like smaller meetings to. We have small trainings with our team and small social dinners to brainstorm."

Jeddie Harrison- "Learn the difference between linear and residual income. I mean I can do the cabbage patch in the living room while in my skivvies any hour of the day and make the same money that I did the hour that I actually worked in those same skivvies. Show me a better way and I'll follow!"

Rozalyn White Payne- "I have found that constant training has really helped my team grow at a nice pace! It gives folks a confidence in their business. Always circle back to basics, especially when you are adding lots of newbies to your team each month. Often re-share and post in your team pages basic information for your team in terms of posting rules, what to post and why, encourage to then POST their why, explain the money back guarantee, that Business Building Bonuses are paid on Friday paychecks and what commissions are paid on our 15th checks, remind them that the 28th is normally when autoquals run, that new ambassadors are not required to have a $100 PV in their first month, and that Social Media is currently the strongest platform we now have to share Plexus and build our business. Remind folks that they do not have to reinvent the wheel, that the path to success with this business has been paved for them...they just need to pick up the reigns and move forward with drive an passion. Duplication is key and if we can get our downlines to train as we train, at the level in which we do, that it will only make our team stronger and will in turn grow our businesses at a fast pace! And lastly, Pray over your team, daily...the power of prayer is immeasurable!"

Lori Word Harrison- "Remember that we- everyone currently involved in Plexus- are trailblazers in a revolution!
And EVERY single experience, whether it's positive progress- or an incident that makes you pull your hair out-- is a chance to sharpen your skills- so you can lead better.
Things have a way of naturally cycling back around. Once you've been down a dark road once, it's easier to navigate the next time- and even bring folks with you!
Also, don't take everything so seriously.
When you are making decisions, and your heart is battling your mind-
Go with the "right thing" to do every time! It may feel like a "loss" at the moment, but it always comes back around to you!”

Stacey Hinson Hickerson- "Self growth, making connections with new people, staying connected to your team, and feeding your mind with positives and testimonies."

Tammy Elmore-" 1)Share YOUR story no matter how big or small. People are looking for REAL life experiences from REAL people. 2) Don't spend your precious time trying to resurrect the dead! 3) Provide training for your team. Get them involved with ideas that are doable. 4) Stay plugged in!! Visit training groups often, listen to weekly conference calls, attend events and meetings."

Jerit Abart- "I'll type few simple things I focus on while standing here in line at Disney. - 1. Lead with a servant heart 2. Don't ask your team to do something you aren't willing to do. 3. Negativity is cancer - eliminate it 4. Keep things simple - we can all learn sales pitches and new social media techniques- but focus on treating people like you want to be treated. Learn the Lost Skill of being friendly and kind."

Amy Sage- "Be coachable. Don't reinvent the wheel. Plug into your team training groups, utilize the amazing marketing videos Plexus has created for us, share our weekly Opportunity calls with prospects ... and most importantly, do what others before you have already done and succeeded doing! This business does not have to be hard.
Be a product of the product and share with others how you feel. It's the benefits that our products and our business opportunity create that "sell" ... so avoid puking the details, unless asked!”

Amy Cunnington- "Build relationships. And remember God gave us 2 ears and only one mouth so listening is a big thing when promoting our business. And also lead by example.”

Helen McFadden- "What incredible leaders we have here!!!!! I often think about a very powerful quote "If you make people feel good, they will never leave you" Yes, Plexus is a business, and an amazing financial opportunity, but the "family" and the feeling of "one team one mission" is what separates us from any other MLM. I spend a lot of time pouring into my team and creating camaraderie the best I can. I have events in my home, events in my suite (had one after Halloween party and gave them all gifts), purposefully went to Disney and spent the day with 18 of my team (they all said it was their best Plexus day ever and bonded like you wouldn't believe, it really was incredible,a day we'll never forget), Silver & above breakfasts, Christmas parties in my home, I treat my level ones like GOLD (bought them all massages in Hawaii and usually treat them to dinner at events), send notes & gifts and run very few contests - I want them to know how much I care and appreciate, and to see them do this now for THEIR teams, makes me believe it's working. Each team in my level ones have such a bond. It's all about relationships and trust and keeping it real. We cannot pour enough into our teams and build our level ones up with belief. Then, when their business gets tough - which we all know it will, they feel connected and loved, not just by me, but by all of us on our team since they've built relationships with everyone. It's really extended family....Bottom line, invest in your team, give them unconditional love, and you will have a team for life."

Lori Welch- "Lately for me it has been a combination of three things. One is having the attitude I had in the beginning which was asking God to lead me to the right people and trusting He will. The second is being way bolder. I am pretty bold but I took bold up a few notches lately because if I am going to be asking God to show me who I need to be talking to just about everybody. The third is spending time with my level ones. Just making myself available to one or two a week if I can. Going for coffee or a walk and listening. I got that advice from something Helen wrote awhile back. I think it is helping them. They are growing and I enjoy it too cause they are my friends. The biggest thing is not stressing and just consistently working. That has been personal growth for me. It's like God said "Hey Miss Diamond do you seriously think you got yourself here by yourself? Um no. " Guess this is not really worded like "training tips" but that is what is really on my heart. I will do training tips next…. This may be very simple but I really like training "The Perfect 10" worksheet and asking my people to keep their completed ones so they can actually visibly see what they are actually doing each week to grow their business. They serve as a great reminder."

Sonya Dudley- "Focus on others , connecting, duplication is the key, you dont need to be the best sales person, but be able to teach what you know... simple, simple, People want honesty and realness and so be fun and goofy is fine!! You just need to make them feel important from day 1…"

Sara Marble- “Be coachable. Personal growth and development has been key for me and my journey. Learning something new everyday from everyone around me as well as seeking out books and audios to help increase my belief and give me the skills needed to be successful! Keep it simple. Don’t reinvent the wheel. We have amazing tools that can be used to plug people in and help them feel motivated and connected. Set goals and stay focused. Don’t compare and remember we are all on a different journey. Effective time management is very important and you have to make an effort to set business hours and work those consistently with income producing activities! And above all else, the best advice for success in my opinion is operating by the golden rule…do unto others as you would have them do unto you and you can’t go wrong!”

Celeste Gwynn- " I think it's important to create buzz and excitement about product and opportunity right off the bat!!!”

Debra Lawson- "The Power of Three is my go to sheet. I like to teach collect 100 names - star your top 10 and start sharing Plexus with your top 10. We all have 3 friends that would do Plexus with you. and then get each one to Silver as soon as you can. The Perfect 10 worksheet is a great sheet to track your Income Producing Activities. I also share with my team that Facebook post are a must BUT not an IPA. Real IPA's are talking to folks sharing the Product or Opportunity."

Jerry Lawson's Tip….When he approaches people and they start taking the product …He just tells them straight up - This product you will take for the next 60 days. We have a 60 day guarantee in place. His point is that you can't decide in just 3 days, two weeks and sometimes a month if this product works for you or not. Sometimes it takes 60 days for some to notice a difference. Jerry - puts the thought in their mind yes I am going to take the challenge and take it for 60 days.

Heather Burke- " I think that showing people your personal journey is one of the keys to success. I posted other people's testimonies for 3 months straight and hardly had any nibbles. The week that I made myself vulnerable and really put it out there what Plexus had done for me (admitting that I had been on anxiety meds for years to help w/ my panic attacks was NOT easy for me), I signed 5 ambassadors and my sales doubled. In one week. What I realized was that I was exposing people to Plexus and they were somewhat interested, but when they saw MY personal experience, they were sold. I've seen that countless times on my team. Transparency is key in this business in my opinion! We never know what other people are dealing with behind that computer screen or phone. Being real might just change their world... and yours."

Susie McColl- " I think the biggest thing we have going for us is our passion for the plexus products, being "real," being lighthearted - we don't know if someone is a level one to us or a level 8, we still help them. We purposefully don't use words like "downline" or "upline" or "leg" - we always say "team". Now, we've never been part of a MLM before, so this is just how we've been since the get go. We would never want our team to feel as if they are working "for us" - thus the "McColl Minions" shirts at Halloween party - they knew we would die when we saw those! Our team page is incredible and I thank God for it as I certainly didn't know what I was doing when I created it. There is so much encouragement and support amongst our team. So it is kind of like one big family support group. We recognize birthdays, they ask for prayer requests, etc."

Dana Benson- "1) Be yourself do not try to be someone else. 2) have meetings, go to them, be involved with them, always look for them. Support your teammates and go to theirs when you can. 3) Try and push yourself with something to get you out of your comfort zone as often as you can.
4) find a creative way to invest in all of your relationships."

Angie Thompson- "We have always stuck with personally helping each level one we sponsor get to Silver in their first month. Offer to do a small launch event for them to introduce them and plexus to their contacts. This will get people out of the starting block so to speak with a jump! Treat your ambassadors like you treat your customers and it will pay off. Put a system in place and stick to it and don't give up!"

Susanne Clinton- "The key for me is investing! Investing in friends, customers, marketing is relationship marketing which has been a huge part of what has made me successful! Following up, showing u care, and helping others to better their life both health and wealth. Also being relatable and able to identify with others struggles is huge for me. Focusing on getting my ambassadors to silver and my silvers to gold had been key. Most Gold and above are 'all in' and in it for the long haul."

Candy Murnan- "So you’ve “seized" the opportunity to talk Plexus at random with someone but did you OWN that opportunity and maximize the effectiveness of it?
Here is what I mean..
I was watching my daughters school play this week and someone asks about my Pink Drink that I have in my hand. I give them a 30 sec rundown (Seized the chance to talk Plexus) but most importantly I ask if they are on FB and if I can friend request them. I do it on the spot and let them know (Owning the opportunity). After the play, on the ride home, I send her an Private Message with my link and a nice little note about the school play.
I started immediate engagement. I didn’t wait to get home to begin to engage. I committed to her and she to me immediately. It’s more than seizing the opportunity it’s about taking ownership of it. Own those random opportunities by taking immediate action to maximize the connection.
Live in the moment to SUCCEED in the future!"

Rayne Spaulding- ". Follow up, follow up, follow up has been the one consistent key to success. This includes customers as well as your team. Making yourself available and relatable is crucial as well. I'm sure these points have been made before me. Like you said there is no secret- you just have to believe in yourself, dig in, do it and never give up."

Breanne Parks- "Organization is key for me! Get good systems in place for customer follow up, preferred customer program (keeps referrals coming), team training, productive business activities, new customers, new ambassadors (duplication list) and ALWAYS stay consistent!! When you put systems in place and mark your calendar , you are more inclined to stick to it and your business will run more smoothly:)"

Angie Johnson- "Never treat your downline or customers like a dollar sign...listen to them. Even if they are complaining...some just need to be heard. Be real, be honest, but most of all be yourself. Follow up and do what you say you are going to do. Read books, listen to audios, go to meetings and learn as much as you can. Read what is in your back office as well. Post on all social media sites and share Plexus with everyone. If people trust you and see that you are a product of the product and you sincerely love what you do....they will be curious and want to know what makes you so happy. Ease drop on conversations for the opportunity to share Plexus. Treat people with respect and give them the same time you are willing to take away from them by sharing the opportunity with them. Make a new list of prospects often. Share your story. BE POSITIVE!!!!"

Ronnie Cuevas- (Coach)- "We are a product driven company! Therefore, Make it your Goal each and every month to sell 10 Decision Packs!! A $100.00 investment in your Business is all it takes!! Purchase 10 decision packs, Sell them, take the money and reinvest each month!! You will be finding 10 new potential customers and ambassadors each month!! Follow up with your prospects!!!"

Melissa Darby- "Become a product expert! It's critical to understand the ingredients used in our products and how they work as a system. Our bodies are systemic and Plexus products provide the maximum results when used as a system. The more you learn about our products, the more you fall in love with our company. Using the products daily is important. I'm able to share tips and suggestions with people because I'm a customer. Find 3 testimonials that have been life changing, resonate with you and keep them printed out. My husband has a life changing testimonial, as do several of my dearest friends that joined Plexus because of his story. When I hit a bump or we are weathering a storm as a team, reading these life changing testimonials puts it all back into perspective.
I live by the 80-20 rule. 80% of our team buys the products monthly. 10% do the business at some level, and 10% are ALL IN! I love the 80% where they are and invest my time & training in the 20%. It doesn't matter how deep they are down, dig for your diamonds in the rough and pour into them!
Opportunity meetings are the single most important tool we have! Encourage your customers & team members to share product testimonials at these events - it solidifies our company is backed by life changing products!
Finally, don't get up. EVER. Plexus is the biggest gift! The execs truly have our backs. Keep your passion at the tip of your tongue and share it with everyone....and you'll be unstoppable!"
Jennifer Pool- "You are going to face challenges in your every day life, your business and work. It's how you handle these challenges and problems that will make you or break you. Don't let a challenge keep you from success. If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you! "Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful" Joshua J. Marine"

Rebekah Davis Boone~ Be intentional and pursue potentials you want on your team. This doesn't mean sending a blanket mass email. But personally hunt down (in the least creepy way possible) those who know you know would be great additions.

Angie Boudreaux LeBlanc ~Build meaningful relationships when networking.

Michelle Thomas~ Perseverance is my "go to" definition--"steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing but I watched my upline and set my goals and just simply was consistent at the things I set out to do. I stayed positive and was consistent and persevered even during times when other promoted faster or when things didn't seem to be moving like I wanted. I have had ups and I have had downs but when it is all said in done......I am further ahead then I was 2 years ago and I am growing every month!

Nikki Schalla Staying plugged in and attending events large or small.

Lynsey Perry~ Always, always, always make it a point to get your newbies going! Do this by holding launch parties for them, online events, 3 way calls, etc....

Britne Wedgeworth Baumgartner ~ Stay committed to the process!!

Sebastian PinkMom ~ Set alarms on your phone to check in on new customers. Having the optimal customer results and satisfaction is KEY. Those customers will eventually want to be on your team if youve treated them well and checked in with them!!

Amy Cunnington ~ Consistency and dedication

Kim Mussog Wilson ~ Share your story! Someone will relate to it. Listen to people and find out what they are looking for...what they need and then share a testimony with them that will resonate with them. Lift your team up and empower them with confidence!

Erin O'Keefe ~ Try and learn something new every day. Be teachable/coachable then use new information and share it with your team.

Lisa Hammill McKeever ~ Never ever give up.. even the days you want to quit .. Be consistent and just keep on keeping on.. Be coachable, work on learning as much as you can and also find mentors.

Laura Woodbury Prejean~ Never, ever stop posting on FB, even when all you hear is crickets!! They're watching you...watching to see your results, to see how serious you are and how long you'll stick with Plexus. Sometimes it takes awhile for people to come around so just stay consistent!!! AND find someone to do this with. Someone who can be your biggest cheerleader and sounding board!!

Brenda Martin ~ BELIEVE that YOU can do this and speak your goals out loud. Show confidence in our products and company, even on the 'bad' days! Immerse yourself in learning and then learning some more. Know that the sky is the limit with Plexus but it won't fall into your lap!

Erika Faith McCauley ~ Never stop learning.The most powerful word in the English language is “Why.” There is nothing so powerful as an open, inquiring mind. Become a lifelong student. The world is full of people who have stopped learning and who think they’ve got it all figured out. You’ve no doubt met some of them already – and you’ll meet plenty more. Their favorite word is “No.” They will give you a million reasons why something can’t be done or shouldn’t be done.
Don’t listen to them, don’t be deterred by them, and don’t become one of them. Not if you want to fulfill your potential – and not if you want to change the world for the better.

Kimberly Miller Silver A $34.95 investment changed my life. The possibilities are endless..from overworked, stressed, and broke.
When you have everything to lose, you do everything you can to be a survivor.

Michelle Anderson-Lands ~ Make sure you interview your customers/potential ambassadors to find out if they qualify to be a ambassador. Alot need to stay customers. There is a big difference. We are not a sign them all company. (I learned this the hard way :)) But the point is I learned and am still here rebuilding the right way!

Vicky Brewster Murphy Integrity, Honesty and Keeping it real!! With your team AND Yourself!

Cheyenne Weable ~ Find an accountability partner, stay focused, don't be afraid to learn and try new things, and never compare yourself or your business to others.

Addy King Start ur newbies off right. Get them on the phone the week they join and give them the SIMPLE steps to get started. My number one thing I push is customers, customers, customers their first month. Don't even focus on ur team yet. Find those customers that love the product and then present the business side within the second month to those who love the products. It's hard for people who join and have never tried the product to be long term peeps. I mean yes sometimes it happens but a majority of the time it doesn't. Make that first convo practical. I give them the goal of $500 for their first month PV and shoot for all preferred customers. Also I encourage them to shoot to make enough to cover their product their second month. I feel those are so practical. What we make seems so far fetched to so many. But when they get that first check, boom, they r ready to puke pink on Not really, but kinda

Sarah Simpson Howell ~ Product of the product, be real, be honest, be positive and supportive! !! Build relationships
Never give up!!!!

Terry E Hilderbrand ~Help them to believe so they can come to the knowing .Once we know we're unmovable .Be a product of a product,and educate.

Dusty Connolly Duncan ~ Teaching them that Stepping outside the comfort zone will take them places .... Doing things that they would have never done before.... If one does not step outside that zone success cannot keep coming. Teaching them to speak up when someone says I need more income, I am tired of feeling so bad... Etc.... Teaching them to say what if I had something that could help...
Teaching my team to listen in general... Listening to others needs is huge...

Kendra Caldwell Randolph ~ Keep your thoughts and prayers on your "WHY". Have opportunity meetings with training. People want to be connected and have Plexus friends!! Hearing all the testimonies gets people FIRED UP!!!Get them to post convicting posts on Facebook and stay consistent with their posts!!

Carissa Debono Wellbelove ~ Stay humble and remember you are were you're because of your team. xo

Kirsten Maddox Burton ~ Have meetings. Even if 1 person shows up. They eventually grow and it gets everyone excited.

Janet Whitlow Franks ~ Be real. We don't have to 'fluff Plexus up' and make it anything it isn't. Just share from your heart with passion and love.

Lori Word Harrison ~ Every time you stumble, remind yourself that that is an opportunity to regroup and learn. When you're frustrated, make it your default to lay it down at His feet. Read The Circle Maker and dream bigger and bigger. Dream above and beyond just you and yours! Dream so big that your reach extends to others!
And lastly, learn to forgive!

Renea Parker ~ Learn that you can't want it bad enough for anyone. Work with the willing and love EVERYONE regardless of their hopes, dreams, and desires! Always remember to truly care about people and LISTEN! Build your belief in the products by being a product of the product & connecting to meetings and conference calls! The more you see how people's lives are transformed, the more excited you are to share! Build your belief in the company by attending major company events, (Opp Tours, Super Saturday, Convention, Retreat) and by listening to the weekly conference call on Wednesday's. Build your belief in the profession, by reading books, watching video's, and watching the successful people. Build belief in YOURSELF! Always work on yourself every day. This can be done by reading in personal growth books each day, by watching video's, by listening to audio tapes. The number one tip I can give is stay away from negativity! Surround yourself with positive thinkers and with people who lift you up & believe in you! Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. (Robert Collier) So making small changes each day, and being consistent in the positive efforts WILL result in success.

Jennifer Mango ~ Keep the people, not the numbers, at the for front of your mind. Relationship building must be the crux of your business. Remember His timing is better than your own and every hardship you into are on your own journey will become a steppingstone of hope for someone following in your footsteps!

Terry E Hilderbrand ~ Continue to step outside the comfort zone,heaven awaits us there.

Erin Fuss Rosario ~ Build your relationships strong, focus on uplifting and giving praise to your team and those around you! Meet people where they are at and encourage them to expand their dreams! Build your belief so that you are unstoppable by reading testimonials, being on team calls, picking up a great book or listening to audios! Stop worrying and just do.

Toni Garcia ~ having New Ambassador starting with the Perfect 10 plan right away is a "Plan of Action for them". Sometimes just giving a new Team Member a Plan is Key! This is Simple and DUPLICATABLE!

Kelly Norman ~ Decide to be a leader! Don't wait for someone to teach or lead you. Rather you step up and research products and testimonies, educate yourself on MLM, share the opportunity and products daily and teach your team to duplicate this!

Nicole Butkowski Kinzler ~ I would say don't let things get you down. Stay positive and remember why you are doing this in the first place. Invest in your team. Praise them for what they are doing. Be Available..... Lead your team with integrity..

Hayley D'Jock ~ Be a leader that you want others to emulate. Do not ask your team to do anything that you are not willing to do. Strive to always be the best YOU and help others be their best self. Never forget the basics and utilize them everyday. Post heartfelt and meaningful things on FB, follow up with your ambassadors and customers and share your excitement and enthusiasm of Plexus with everyone.

Debra Rumfola McCutcheon ~ Be a walking, talking educated Product of the Product! Speak. Breathe. Listen.
Strive for more sharing and listening and less selling and talking.

Stephanie Maness ~ Stay positive. We all have things come up in life. Always stay focused on the positive and continue to move forward. Be present!!! Attending events, trainings, calls and present on your team pages will keep you focused and motivated to move forward!!!

Nikki Dowden ~ I am intentional every day. I go out of my way to places I didnt plan to go if I know there will be people there I can talk to, I wear my Plexus stuff, I also don't leave my house looking hair is fixed, makeup in check because I represent my business and you can believe that if you are in your sweats and have a hat on because you haven't washed your hair...everyone will ask you about your business.

Jana Lane Garcia ~ Passion. Be passionate about everything. People want to buy from, join, and follow passionate, fun, positive people! Be passionate when sharing products, then be passionate about joining your team, then be passionate with your team. Praise them privately, publically all the time. People are motivated by praise. If you lose passion, make it a point to be around passionate people.

Bec Catton ~ Network and build relationships!! Talk to people, ask questions - don't talk about Plexus! Become someone's friend before spewing Plexus - people will see it as you just trying to sell them something. Share business tips!!! I found this one to be a great tool - do not try to recruit people but talk to people on your friends list in a business that look to be unsure of how to work their biz - share your tips for success with them to help them be successful. They probably wont sign with you, but you've built a relationship that can bring in countless customers and recruits from word of mouth and referrals!

Kathleen Kaffka Hepler ~ Honest and open. Being a product of the product and share your true self (good and bad). people aren't just buying a product or signing on because of the picts you post. They are saying 'I believe that it works for you so I believe you.' That is bold and humbling.

Rachel Cormier Barrow ~ It's our job to inspire people. You can't motivate a person who is not motivated but you can inspire them to be motivated. Lead by example. Find your passion and share it then teach others how to share what they are passionate about. You are your own best follower or leader. Which will you be.

Stacey Hinson Hickerson ~ Believe and conquer fears! You must be willing to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Be in a state of constant evaluation. If something is not working, a just your sails to find what is. Guard your time with income producing activities. Get a running buddy to brainstorm with, keep you accountable, and to motivate you when needed!

Missy Hall ~ Stay positive & consistent even in the "down" times. Believe in yourself, stay focused on your goal......make it visible where you see it everyday, and never forget your "Why". Keep your priorities in order......God and Family are always first. Prayer and Tithing.......pray over your business & your team, give your business to God and then give back through your tithe. Have integrity and be passionate! Embrace the journey! Enjoy the blessings!

Melissa Smith Eickenhorst ~ Duplicate. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You just need to follow in the footsteps of the leaders that have gone before you. Believe. Believe in yourself, the industry of network marketing, and in our company and their products. If you lack belief in any of these 3 areas, your business will not grow to its fullest potential. Challenge. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, b/c that is where the magic happens! Challenge your teams to share their biggest dreams with you, and then connect this opportunity to their dreams. Through Plexus, these dreams can and will be achieved! Detach. Detach from the emotional roller coaster that is network marketing. People are fickle. They come and go. Customers come and go. Ambassadors come and go. BUT, YOU...YOU stay the course, you put your blinders on and keep moving forward regardless of what those around you do. Pray. Give it to God, and pray for your team, your customers, and our company!

Amy Kosmalski ~ Enthusiasm is contagious. Speaking with a smile on your face goes a long way! Never stop networking and stepping out of your comfort zone. Be consistent and post with a purpose. Duplicate...we don't have to recreate the wheel. Be coachable and willing to make changes where needed. Stop looking out to compare the speed of rank advancements...instead reach down and help your downline rank which will help you, too. Never ever stop growing, learning and adding to your team. Put income producing activities first. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there (your testimony is the one your friends will relate to). Be humble. And passionate and be a product of the products....and HAVE FUN!!!!

Tamara Holloway ~ Engage your audience! Don't try and sell them on anything. Most are a fan of "salespeople." Be genuine and be real. Show compassion and educate others on these amazing products. When I am pursuing someone, I do not want it to ever even cross their mind that them becoming an ambassador benefits me, because I am too busy simply show them how much THEY will be blessed. Build belief in to them about how amazing they will be in this business and what qualities they can bring to the table. Show them they are capable of success!

Carol Hickerson Ulmer ~ Know all you can about our products and be a product of the product. Compassion comes from knowing what the products do for you and your friends and family and how they can help others. Be yourself and NEVER prejudge if someone needs the product or business!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Hard work. Dedication. Leadership. A servant heart. Making a plan and staying focused and you can achieve your dreams too!!!