The ability to manage your time effectively can be the difference in having $200 a month in income with your business or $10,000 a month!

This is a skill I am still trying to master!  Working from home presents its own challenges-- you work from home to have more time with the family, but if you don't set aside time to work your business, you won't have one! There are a ton of distractions at home- TV, computer and housework are my two biggest distractions.

Here are some tips to use when working at home but trying to build a profitable business!

1. Plan Your Work Week

Decide WHICH days you want your "work week" to be.  Most people choose Monday through Friday and take the weekends off, just like in a traditional job, but others prefer to work on Saturdays when they can get out and talk to the people who are out and about and not at their traditional jobs. They might choose Tuesday through Saturday to work their business and take Sunday and Monday off.  Whichever days you plan to work, make sure you ARE working those days! I like to be very flexible and try to just decide each week which days I will be working, and if something comes up (the family wants to go hiking on a day I had planned to work, for example), I can work my schedule to accommodate it.  After all, one of my "why's" for working this business  Iis to spend more time with my family!!  But one thing I always do is schedule all my Facebook posts for the entire week on Mondays.  That way I can do other productive things the rest of the week!

If you are still working a job while building your business you won't have as much flexibility with this, but just plan your business work days around your regular job schedule.

2.  Determine Which Part of the Day You are Most Productive

I know that I am not productive in the mornings, so I don't plan labor-intensive tasks for first thing in the morning!  Everybody is different, and you may be a morning person who hits the ground running straight out of the bed.  The best thing about working from home is we can set our own schedules and plan our days based on how we like to work! 

If you are still working a job, again, you won't be as flexible with this, but just like in scheduling your work DAYS around your job, you'll have to schedule your work HOURS around your job as well.Take heart in the fact that MOST people start out this way!  Just make a schedule and try to stick to it as best you can!  Eventually you WILL be able to quit your "day job" and work your business full-time!

3.  Set Your Schedule

Now that you've decided your most productive hours of the day for your business, set up a schedule when you will be actively working your business.  Try to avoid distractions during these times!  Turn off the TV and turn down the ringer on your phone and focus on ONE task at a time.  I've started leaving my iphone in another room so that I won't even be distracted by the screen lighting up when I have something I have to get done ;) And by the way, scrolling through your Newsfeed on Facebook should not be considered "working"!  If you are on Facebook during your scheduled work times you should be WORKING Facebook!  I do 90% of my business on Facebook, but I do get distracted at times and find myself aimlessly scrolling.  I then have to get re-focused again and back to the task of actively posting, answering questions from interested customers/ambassadors, etc.

Time Management


4. Spend Some Time Each Day Performing IPA’s

Try to focus most of your working time doing Income Producing Activities!  These are activities that PAY you!  These are #1-Getting new customers that use your products and getting new ambassadors to join your team and #2-Training your new ambassadors and other team members to do #1 and #2!

Activities for #1 include talking to at least 2 new people a day about Plexus (whether in person, on the phone, email or through your online activities such as Facebook).

Activities for #2 include going through this website with a new ambassador or sitting down with them in person and listening to their "why" and their goals, etc.

Concentrate on IPA's and your business will grow exponentially!

5.  Personal Development

Make sure to block out time for personal development- listening to videos, reading blogs and email trainings by top MLM Leaders can help your business go up a notch!  I try to take at least 3-4 hours a week and listen/read on general mutli-level marketing.  They're great for training but even better for encouragement!

6.  Balance Work Life and Home Life

This can be tricky when working from home because there are no physical boundaries between the two.  This can make it challenging to disconnect from work.  That's why it's so important to set work days and hours for your business, especially if you can let your family know these times in advance so they know you are working. 

If you are working this business with babies or pre-school children (or homeschooling, which I've done for the past 20+ years!), just plan on working when they are napping or you can set them up with an activity or assigned schoolwork.  It'll be a little more challenging and you'll probably need to work in short "spurts" but it can be done!

But above all, keep a good balance between work and play.  If you find yourself all the way on one side of work life or home life you need take steps to balance it out.

I always encourage my team members to take Sunday off each week to worship and spend time with their families.  Spending time in the Word each day is also important!  In your personal prayer time, ask God for favor on your business and thank Him for His blessings-- He will create open doors of opportunity to speak with just the right person at the right time :)

---Dawn Vaughan

Team Dawn Vaughan