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Diamond Ambassador Lori Harrison has collected these testimonials:







Brain Fog

Chronic Pain

Crohns/Tummy Trouble




Erase Plexus (If you had to go back to before Plexus, what was your life like?)


Food Allergy (My Sister's Testimony)


Headaches and migraines

High Blood Pressure

Horror Stories

Juvenile RA…

Lady Issues



Men and Probiotics

Leaky Gut


Non weightloss



Save Money

On Feb 1, 2014, Lindelon Hurst did an outstanding job putting together this 12-hour marathon of testimonials from around the country, and recorded them for us to use!  Don't post these links on social media, but you can send the links privately to someone you think might be helped by it.

1. Alicia Kay Sharp- RN and personal trainer; IBS testimony

2. Roy and Donna Thomas- Fibromyalgia and weight loss

3. Amber Espinosa and Jennifer DeJarnette- Lost a lot of weight

4. Ketrah Holley and Jimmy Stocks- Previous experience with other MLM Businesses

5. Nancy Smith- Fast Relief Testimony

6. Lori and Jeddie Harrison- No more icky toenail; went to Emerald just on Facebook alone

7. Sarah Marble-Diamond ambassador; retired RN; lost 90 lbs after baby

8. Alicen Breaux- Diamond ambassador who started from nothing

9. Erin Nashed- Husband is a Dr. and has lost a lot of weight; Fibromyalgia testimonial

10. Dustin Doyle- In China and Lost 70#'s (has since lost a lot more!!)

11. Sheila Medina-First Diamond Ambassador

12. Sonya Dudley- Diamond ambassador and Fibromyalgia testimonial

13. Janeen Bevan- Tells son's story of battle with ADHD (have your tissues ready!!)

14. Alfred Pettersen- International President of Plexus Worldwide

15. Mark Hudson- Plexus helped him quit his job and get healthy

16. Brent and Julie French-Emeralds lost 50lbs each

17. Ruth Nealey- Awesome MS testimony

18. Dr Miranda Jorgensen-Chiropractor and Nutritionalist

19. Stephanie Wehrle Huffman- Diamond Ambassador

20. Coach Ronnie and Patti Cuevas-Amazing Diabetic Story (our upline!!)

21. Pastor Jerry and Debra Lawson-Wonderful Diabetes Results

22. Dr. Joanie Smoot- Clinical Pharmacist

23. Danielle Bullard - Sr. Ruby Controlled Cravings and Candida

24. Celeste Gwenn- Fastest growing Plexus Team

25. Jeff Goodwin- Migraine Testimony

Useful Video Testimonials