Facebook Training Part 2

Team Zoom Meeting 12-23-15

Team Zoom Meeting 12-8-15 with special guest Senior Ruby Ambassador Leona Bryson

Testimonials with Rosemary Butler and Connie Vanni talking about Sonya Dudley's Leadership Workshop

Team Zoom Meeting 3-8-16

Handling Objections

Team Zoom Meeting 4-12-16

Fast Start Gold

Team Zoom Meeting 7-5-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Q & A with Sapphire Ambassador Patti Cuevas and Diamond Ambassador Coach Cuevas (our upline!) talking about the Hawaii Emerald Extravaganza and business-building!

Team Zoom Meeting 9-22-15

10 Top Tips for Success with Plexus:

Products and Business

Team Zoom Meeting 2-21-17

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Business Testimonial:  Loretta Young

Talking about how she signed up 6 people in July and tips for new ambassadors :)

Team Zoom Meeting 8-9-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

10 Steps to a Strong Start- the Quick Start Guide

Team Zoom Meeting 8-23-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Silver in Seven

Team Zoom Meeting 4-19-16

Testimonial with Diamonds Jerry and Debra Lawson

Training Tips by Debra Lawson


Ambassador Training Workshop, Parts 1-5, 8-22-15

Hosted by Sr. Ruby Leona Bryson and Ruby Dawn Vaughan

3 Things to Grow Your Business,  Go Silver Every Month- The Power of 3, Using Social Media, Consistency and Positivity

Testimonials with Eli and Debbie Caniglia and Melody Draper

Team Training on Using Your Back Office


Facebook Training


This was a training I did for another team, but thought you would find it useful!

Team Training 4 Diamond!

Team Dawn Vaughan

Fun, Friends, Family, Fit & Healthy, Financial Freedom!

Beginner's Training

Team Zoom Meeting 12-1-15

How to Follow Up:  What is it and why is it important?

Team Zoom Meeting 8-16-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Facebook Training Part 3

Team Zoom Meeting 12-23-15

Establishing Your Brand

Team Zoom Meeting 5-24-16

With Silver Ambassador Donna Wentz

Facebook Training Part 1

Team Zoom Meeting 12-23-15


Team Zoom Meeting 5-3-16

With Silver Ambassador Debbie Caniglia

(Dawn was on vacation)

Impromptu testimonials with Jennifer Yates and Penny Rockar + Training on Skill #3:  Presenting to Prospects


August Team Challenge--How Talking to 5 People a Day will E-X-P-L-O-D-E Your Business!

Team Zoom Meeting 8-2-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Testimonial with Plexus First Diamond Ambassador, our Upline, Sheila Medina

Team Zoom Meeting 3-1-16

How to Rank up To Silver and Gold- Because You Were Born to Sparkle!

Team Zoom Meeting 4-5-16

Testimonial with Ruby Ambassador (and Dawn's sponsor-your upline!) Rudi Smith +

Training on Skill #1: Finding Prospects


Using the Follow Up Binder


Not part of a team meeting, but thought you would find it useful!

Testimonial with Dawn Vaughan and Training on Mindset:  12 Steps Forward, 12 Steps Back


Using Tools


Are You Talking Yourself Out of Success?

Team Zoom Meeting 3-22-16

How to Qualify for Leaders Retreat

Team Zoom Meeting 6-28-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Understanding How We Get Paid!

Team Zoom Meeting 7-26-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Daily Plan: IPA's

Team Zoom Meeting 7-12-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan

Convention 2016 Recap

Team Zoom Meeting 6-21-16

With Ruby Ambassador Dawn Vaughan and all the team members who went to Convention:  Melody Draper, Melissa Fleming, Debbie Caniglia, Eli Caniglia, Ronnie Vaughan, Savannah Vaughan

Testimonial with Gold Ambassador Melody Draper about her daughter's anxiety +

Training on Skill #2:  Inviting Prospects


Testimonial with Donna Wentz


Team Training:  The Power of 3


Testimonial with Stacee Benbrook


3 Things to Grow Your Business


Recordings of Team Zoom Meetings:  Testimonials and Trainings

PLEASE NOTE:  As of Oct 3, 2016, there is no longer a requirement to have a Backup Order in place to qualify for a check.  So if you hear that on the video, just disregard :)

Team Zoom Meetings