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When building your business, there are several ways to go about it. 

In my experience, if someone shows interest in the products, but no interest in building a business and/or doesn't want to purchase at least 100PV in products each month, it's best to sign them up as a Preferred Customer.  They won't have a minimum amount of product to purchase each month, their products will be shipped automatically to their door, and they receive a discount off the retail price.  After 3 consecutive monthly orders, they receive another 10% discount.  They will be much happier without having to have a minimum to purchase each month.  You, as their Sponsor, would receive Retail Commissions on their PV (15% up to 499 and 25% over 500 for all the orders from your website) PLUS a Preferred Customer Bonus based on the products they order.  If they decide later they want to work the business, they can always pay the $34.95 and become an Ambassador.

For Example:

You have 5 Preferred Customers order the Plexus Slim and either the Accelerator+ or Boost combo.

You receive 90PV for each = 450PV as well as a $18 Bonus for each = $90

If you also order your own products of Plexus Slim, Boost, ProBio5 and BioCleanse (for example), you've added another 120PV for a total of 570PV.

You earn 25% of 470PV = $117.50 + $90 = $207.50.

If they become Ambassadors and only order these same products each month, they won't be happy because they won't be earning a check, and you won't earn any money become they won't reach the 100PV minimum amount to qualify.

If someone shows an interest in the business and they know they will order at least 100PV minimum each month, then sign them up as an Ambassador for $34.95.  You can then help them get some Preferred Customers to start their business off!  You can either do a Launch Party for them, or set them up a Facebook Event Party to get them started :)  This will help them get their minimum each month and start earning a check right away :)

If a husband/wife want to join the business, have one of them join, then sign their spouse under them.  Help them both get to Silver as quickly as possible, preferably in the same month, by signing 3 new ambassadors each as well as 3 new Preferred Customers each.  It is your job to help them do this!  They will then be earning double the Pay Points in their household and they will be much more likely to continue with their business since they will be earning a check right from the beginning :)

*The Compensation Plan change that goes into effective in September will affect this... after September we can't sign up a spouse unless we are a Gold Ambassador.

Strategies for Building Your Business