Team Training 4 Diamond!

Team Dawn Vaughan

Fun, Friends, Family, Fit & Healthy, Financial Freedom!


When you sign up 3 new ambassadors in a month, you will earn the team SILVER STAR Award!

New ambassador must buy a Welcome Pack or a minimum of 100PV during their sign-up month AND have their Backup Order set up and turned on to qualify :)

Trust me- if you sign up 3 new people each month and teach your team to do the same, your business will EXPLODE!!!!!!!! It's the Power of 3- to learn more, go here: The 1-2-3 SYSTEM

The team member earning the Silver Star Award the most times in a year, will win $200 CASH from me! 

Award will be given each January for the previous year!

My levels 1-6 only- check your upline report in your Back Office to see if you qualify!



Team Silver Star Award Info and Winners!