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19. Real Estate Ad Books

20. Bandit signs, yard signs

These are those corrugated plastic signs that you can purchase. You can put them on the side of the road or in people’s yards. Check your city’s ordinances on doing this first!

21. Clothes advertising

T-shirts, buttons, caps with your advertising info on them. When you wear these in public, be prepared to ask a question back. For example, if you wear a button that says, “I’ve lost 50 pounds… Ask Me How!” When they ask (and they WILL), don’t immediately jump into telling them all about your opportunity… ask THEM a question such as, “Would you like to lose weight without a diet or ridiculous exercise program?” Or if your t-shirt says something like “Drink Pink and Shrink” and they ask what that means, ask them, “Do you have anyone in your family that is diabetic (or needs to lose a few pounds, or has high blood pressure, etc). You always want them answering questions with “Yes” so ask a question which you’re 99% sure they will answer affirmatively. Then ask, “Can I give you some information to read about how I did it?” When they say yes, give them a New Customer Handbook and possibly a packet of Slim, or invite them to the next local meeting.

22. Car advertising

Magnets, decals with your contact info.

I also have a plastic holder that will hold several of my New Customer Handbooks with a sample packet taped inside. I hook it on the window when I’m in town shopping, etc. so that my car can advertise for me when I’m not around J

23. Return mail

When you get a credit card application in the mail, put your material in the postage paid envelope and send that back. Human beings open that mail and a human being will see your advertising materials. Also, if you pay your bills through the mail, stick your advertising material in with the check J

24. Charity Events

People at charity events already have the right mind set… helping people!

25. Trade Show Booth Renters

Go to trade shows and visit the booths and get THEIR contact info… not to buy their product, but to contact them about yours.

26. Doctor’s offices

Ask the secretary if the doctor is available. If not, ask if you can leave him/her some samples of a health product, then leave your Customer Handbook with a 3-day sample pack. Drug reps do this kind of thing all the time! In your back office, you can also go to Resources and order some newspapers that talk about the medical benefits of Plexus Slim. You can put your contact label on them and ask to leave those on the magazine tables in physician’s offices. If the doctor CAN see you (which almost never happens, but it might!) have some testimonials available to show him/her, as well as some samples and Customer Handbook. Many, many doctors are now in Plexus because they can’t argue with the results our products get!!

27. Car Lots

Car salesmen are used to working on commission so they will understand our comp plan.

28. Restaurant owners

Go into restaurants and ask to speak to the owner. Ask them if they’ll consider allowing you to leave your marketing materials if you bring your group to have your meetings there at no cost to the group. That’s a guaranteed group of customers for them and they’ll usually very open to that.

29. Parent sporting events

Parents are always in need of extra money!

30. Business owners

Call businesses and ask to speak to the owner/manager. Offer them a free 3-day sample pack if they will allow you to put your advertising materials in their store (rack cards or customer handbooks). Many times the business owners will end up joining and then they can put their own advertising materials in the store.

Find People to Tell About Plexus

Try one... Or all of them!

Have no idea who to talk to? Don’t pay for leads… use some of these ideas to find new people to talk to!

1. Networking Events

Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or similar organization. Find out when their next networking event is going to be then get dressed up and go… but DON’T go with the intention to sell anyone on your business. Simply introduce yourself and take THEIR business cards. Then the next day, start calling these people. These are usually motivated business people who enjoy hearing about new ways to make money.

2. Craigslist

Not so much about posting your own ads, although that is very possible, it’s more about finding people who are posting about THEIR businesses and contacting them about yours. These are targeted prospective customers who already understand what it takes to run a business.

3. Facebook friends

Post several times a week on your Facebook wall. Post testimonials from the testimonials group, post your Before/Now picture and give updates on your progress, post company specials…. Don’t irritate people but keep them interested. I’ve had friends who contacted me months after I started because they had been watching my progress and finally got curious enough to contact me about it. I usually end my post with, “Message me for a free sample.” I wait for them to come to ME- then I send them a New Customer Handbook and a packet of Slim taped inside. About 7 out of 10 will end up ordering or joining just from that!

4. Facebook groups

There are literally thousands of local groups on Facebook. Join relevant groups such as for business owners, yard sales, garage sales, marketing, etc. You can then either post ads (if allowed) or just something vague such as “Would you like to spend more time with your family?” or “Are you diabetic or do you know someone who is?” They will usually message you, which means they’re open to hearing about your product/opportunity. Most of the time I will offer them a free 3-day sample pack if they come to the next meeting.

5. Business cards on community corkboards

Check out corkboards at places like Starbucks, laundromats, etc. Collect business cards or contact info from people who have posted on them, then contact them.

6. Warm Market

These are your closest friends and family, your “circle of influence”. But know the CORRECT way to approach them first, and don’t bug them if they say no.

7. Warm market referrals

If your friends/family say no, say, “That’s okay! Do you know anybody who IS motivated to make some extra money, lose weight, etc.?”

8. Professionals

Do a Google search with your city name and professionals… for example, Bentonville, AR professionals. The search results will usually give you contact info.

9. Realtors

Same as #8

10. Financial planners

Same as #8


This is a website where you can find local events to attend where you can get contact info from people.

12. LinkedIn

13. Twitter

14. YouTube

15. Church Events

16. Tollbooth Marketing

When you go to a toll booth, pay the toll for the car behind you, then ask the toll booth operator to let the person behind you know you paid their toll and give them your marketing materials, business card, CD. They’ll feel obliged to at least look at your materials.

17. Business Cards/Drop Cards

Go to bookstores and place your business cards into marketing books such as “Think and Grow Rich”, etc. This is targeted marketing because these people are looking for a business to get into!

18. Realtors billboards

Get their contact info and call them. Ask, “Do you keep your options open for making money in areas other than real estate?”