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Plexus Team Dawn Vaughan:
Training 4 Diamond!
Text:  479-616-6513

Recorded Training Calls

Our team training calls (as well as some other teams), recorded for you to listen to any time :)

Video Training

Top Plexus Ambassadors give excellent training in a video format!

Perfect 10

3 + 3 + 3 + 1

Download this worksheet to use the Perfect 10 Plan to reach your goals!

Find 3 people to share the products with each week +
Find 3 people to share the opportunity with each week +
Find 3 people to share your skills and knowledge with each week +
Make 1 Plexus event and/or training a week (online counts too)
= 10

If you are new to the business bring 3 friends with you to an event/training.... you have just done the perfect 10 all in one day!

MLM Training

Make sure to fit some personal development time into your busy schedule.  These MLM Experts provide some excellent trainings through blogs, emails and video trainings that are FREE!

Click on the links in the individual boxes for advanced trainings.  These things are going to take more of your time, but they are great ways to grow your team.  As your team grows, you'll also need time for team training, but this website will provide a lot of that for you :)

PLEASE NOTE:  As of Oct 3, 2016, there is no longer a requirement to have a Backup Order in place to qualify for a check.  So if you see that mentioned anywhere, just disregard :)

Time Management

Take time to have a life while you are working towards your goals!

To be the most productive with limited time, try to focus most of your working time doing IPA's:  Income Producing Activities!  These are activities that PAY you!  These are:

#1-Getting new customers that use your products and getting new ambassadors to join your team (basically- inviting people to review your business using Tools and then following up with them) AND

#2-Training your new ambassadors and other team members to do #1 and #2!  (basically- sending them to use this website and helping them go through the steps!)

90-Day Game Plan

Go all out for 90-days to kick-start your business!  Download this intensive training and follow it to the letter and you'll be AMAZED at what can happen!

Step 4:

Miscellaneous Training

For reaching Gold Ambassador and beyond...

all the way to Diamond!