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Are you a new ambassador?  Have you been with Plexus for a while?

Doesn't matter!  Have a Launch Party, either online or in your home!

Online:  Create a Facebook "event" and invite all your Facebook friends!

In your home:  Simply invite friends over to try the pink drink! 

Facebook Event for Hostesses

Award Your Hostess with free products!

You can use the same principle of the Launch Party Event with your customers to reward them for hosting an event and getting you new customers!  Just for hosting the Party, give her a 3-day Decision Pack as a Hostess Reward.

1.  Create an Event and have you and your Hostess as the hosts.  Set it up the same way you did your Launch Event- post product info and testimonials, and explain clearly how to order.  (Remember- no prices!).  Choose a length of the event the same way you chose for your own Launch Party.

2.  Your Hostess invites all her friends to the Event!

3.  Make sure your Plexus website and ambassador number is clearly shown!

4.  Match up customer orders that you receive with invited guests and credit the product sales (not tax and shipping) to your Hostess.  Use this guide to know how much to reward her with at the end of the party! This will bring in more new customers for you!  At the end of the Event, total up her sales and order her Rewards based on her sales and send them to her :)

5.  Your Hostess may decide to sign up before the Event and have the customers be her own- that's fantastic!  This will then turn into her own New Ambassador Online Launch Party Facebook Event!

Launch Party Event

Online or At Home

Online Launch Party Facebook Event

Start your business off with a boom!!

1.  Create an Event on Facebook: (type in "facebook event" in the search bar and a link will come up that says "create an event".  Make yourself and your sponsor the host, and send your sponsor the link to the event.  If your Sponsor is not your Facebook "friend", you'll need to send them a friend request and have them friend you before you can invite them and make them a host.

Your sponsor will help you create a cover photo and will help you post testimonials, product info, etc.  Make sure your Plexus website and ambassador number is clearly shown!  You can make your Event as short or as long as you like... generally 3-5 days is good!  A week or even 10 days can be just as good!  You just want to give your friends time to get their order in :) Here is a great easy place for making a fast cover photo for your event:

2.  Invite all your Facebook friends to your Event!

3.  When your friends order from your website, you will get lots of new customers!

4.  Be sure and send an email when they order (see Example Emails) to let them know you appreciate their order and give them the Tips on Using Plexus!