Joining is very simple!

  • Go to my website (or the website of the ambassador you've been talking to): https://www.plexusworldwide.com/dawnvaughan/ then click on "Enroll as an Ambassador". 
  • The first page is to show you the Welcome Packs that are available.  Click on "Get Started". 
  • Fill in your information.  Make sure my name (or the name of your Ambassador) is in the Sponsor box:  Dawn Vaughan, ID# 116743
  • Choose your Welcome Pack if you're like me and love an incredible deal (products up to 47% below retail price- only allowed to purchase one ever and only in your first 30 days). Use promo code HEALTHYHAPPY  for another 10% off!   If not, just skip this page.
  • Fill in your payment information.  Only $9.95 to join right now and you get a FREE 7 day trial of Slim!!!!
  • Checkout.

After joining:

  • Send me your paypal or venmo info and I'll reimburse your $10 immediately!  If you bought a welcome pack I'll also reimburse you another $20!
  • You will receive an email with your brand new website, login information.
  • I will invite you to my team Facebook groups for training and support, as well as our team Customer group where you can add friends and family to learn all about the products and business.
  • You can start sending your website to friends and family as soon as you've received your email from the company- you are now in business!  I can even give you a message to copy and paste to send to them.
  • Want to see if you qualify for a FREE $250 business package to help you with your business only available through me?  Email me!
  • I can't wait to start helping you build your business!  Let's "train 4 Diamond" together!

Join Now

Benefits of Joining as a Wholesale Ambassador:

  • You can join JUST to get wholesale prices
  • Low join fee:  $39.95 (annual)
  • No quotas
  • Order when you want to
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Never have to work the business if you don't want to... BUT
  • Your website is already in place if you want to earn a check

Benefits of Joining as a Business Ambassador

  • Low join fee:  $39.95 (annual)  Only $9.95 right now!!!
  • Wholesale Prices
  • No quotas- you could go all the way to Diamond without ever having purchased a single product if you have customers ordering your minimum 100pv worth of product each month.
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Earn a check simply by having at least 100pv in website sales each month
  • No parties (unless you want to)
  • No inventory
  • No deliveries
  • No taking payments
  • Your company-provided website does all that for you!
  • Your minimum website sales never increase- even all the way to Diamond!
  • ​Currently operating in the US and its territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands), Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Work as much or any way you want to- you're the boss!
  • Tons of training and support from a very dedicated upline... myself, our upline Sapphire Patti Cuevas and our upline Diamond Sheila Medina (who was the company's very FIRST Diamond) and we're all very willing to offer support and guidance