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the top level of the company:

Why would a physician want to join Plexus?

Compensation Plan Highlights:

Join Plexus with a Welcome Pack and earn:

  • Welcome Pack bonus when a new Ambassador purchases a Welcome Pack
  • 15-25% commissions on everything sold from your website (including your OWN orders!)
  • ​Plexus Perks- get free product with your subscription each month!
  • Preferred Customer bonus for each product sold to preferred customers
  • Pay Points (or shares) every month your team members (all ambassadors under you) make their 100pv minimum website sales

           Levels 1-3: 5 points, Level 4: 4 points, Level 5: 3 points, etc. You can have as many ambassadors on your first level as you like.

  • 5% from your first level ambassadors' sales each month
  • One Time Achievement Bonuses for attaining new ranks as your team grows (click here for more info)
  • 3% of ambassador pool split between all Emeralds
  • Lexus car allowance or Lifestyle Bonus at Emerald rank
  • All-expenses paid trip to Hawaii for you and a guest at Emerald rank
  • 1% split between all Sapphires (still continue to receive 3% emerald bonus)
  • Second all-expense paid trip to Hawaii for you and a guest at Diamond rank
  • 1% split between all Diamonds (still continue to receive 4% of emerald and sapphire bonuses)
  • ​Currently operating in the US and its territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands), Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.