Lori Word Harrison's examples of HOW to respond to questions. Don't copy these word for word. Just begin to realize a casual tone. And NOT TO PUKE PLEXUS on them!
Shut Up--
Listen More--
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Here is her video meeting where she describes

this response method on Facebook.

Gotta watch this!!!!!! So logical and inspirational!!!

Q: How does it regulate blood sugar?
A: I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't know the exact science behind it. Dr. Oz does a great show on our main ingredient and how effective it is when combined with other ingredients (which are also in it). Do you have trouble with your blood sugar?

Q: Why do I need all 4 products? I can't afford them all.
A: My customers get the best results using those four products. I didn't really think I could afford it either, but once I realized how much I was spending at the Sonic (Starbucks, convenience store, on Red Bull) every day (that I don't spend anymore)---I realized, I actually spend less on Plexus. To take all four is about the same as a single fancy coffee a day. And those fancy coffees were making me fat! haha! Have you seen the testimonies from people who use the pro-bio 5 and bio-cleanse?
simple, and conversational in tone. If you sound professional, they put their guard up. If you're conversational, they're buying from a "friend"---not a salesman.
And try to end with a question that requires a response.

Q: What's this stuff your selling?
A: It's just a drink stick you mix in water. Tastes like Kool-aid. The rest is capsules. You have any health issues you're dealing with?

Q: I have about 60 pounds to lose. How fast will it work?
A: That all depends. What all kinds of health problems do you have? And are you on any prescriptions?

Q: I’ve lost 15 lbs and 11 inches in 3 months?! Brittany lost 12 lbs and 10 inches in 24 days on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!!!! Basically the same results in a 3rd of the time! How would you respond?
A: Everyone is different. Their food choices, etc. Fifteen pounds and eleven inches in three months is a healthy amount of weight to lose without having to trade in real food for shakes and granola bars. And there's always the difference in how much fluid someone will take in....prescriptions they may be on....how much total weight they have to lose. How much are you trying to lose?

Q: I would really like to try this. Why is it so expensive?
A: It's less than a fancy coffee a day to try all four products and there's a money-back guarantee. I was spending more than that every day on junk. Do you have any health issues you're dealing with?

Q: "I tried it and I haven't lost a pound - it's been almost 3 weeks, I'm beginning to think this is like everything else and doesn't work."
A: I start trouble-shooting with this type question. It's usually water intake. Still drinking pop.....or prescription meds....

Q: If it only $34.95 to join, why do I need to buy a welcome pack?
A: the sign-up fee is for your annual website fee. You don't have to get a welcome pack. Only if you want to try product the cheapest way to try it. Everyone gets one because they're so inexpensive, but it isn't required. Did you see one that has stuff you'd like to try?
You get your Product at almost 50% off and it's a one time offer!
Notice you're not trying to answer their entire concern in one long question. You're just bouncing the ball...back in their court, trying to get to the HEART of what their REAL matter is. They rarely lead with their actual question.
Also, the questions about cost.---once you've disputed it once, they don't keep at you about it. Because if they TRULY can't afford it, they don't even ask dumb questions like that in the first place.
Because how goofy does a person look who's messaging you from an iPhone saying that our life-changing products are expensive.
They lead with cost to see if you offer discounts or something, but dispute their nonsense and they move on.

Q: "Do you have a sample I can try?"

[I then share the website and 3 day or 7 day samples are available]

A: "No thanks. I'm not looking to purchase a sample."[This person lives hundreds of miles away from me and I can’t hand her a Dixie cup]
A: a person like that will likely never purchase. Even if they do it will be from someone who's not working the business. Someone who will sell it cheap or sell a week at a time or some nonsense like that. So you just move on. Or you ask them about their health problems.
MOVE ON! Say this with me: MOVE ON!

Q: is BOOST safe while I'm trying to get pregnant?
A: "It's always smart to ask your doctor. Before you take anything while trying to get pregnant. But I have lots and lots of friends who take the probio 5 and bio-cleanse even while they are pregnant and nursing. Do you have any health issues?"

Q: I have had 2 people in other companies ask me why Plexus Worldwide is not a member of the DSA.
(Direct Selling Association)
A: this would be my candid response.
"I have no idea why they're not! Is that a deal-breaker? Lol"
Then wait and see what they say.

Q: What is the difference between Plexus and Zeal (Herbalife, Ace, etc.)?
A: "No comparison- products or business-wise.
Weight loss wise, plexus isn't a meal replacement.
Have you tried either of them?"
Their first question is NEVER their real question! You need to engage with them in a lighthearted, friendly way until you get to the meat of the issue.

Q: I have had the 'well, it doesn't work for me... I'm just gonna quit even though I sleep better at night and I don't eat as much as I used to. But I'm not losing any weight.'
A: sometimes people are just goofy. Can you believe this is the first time I would just say NEXT!

Q: Is it safe for a 13 year old to take the Accelerator+?
A: "you'd need to ask their doctor.... Is she wanting a safe way to lose weight?"
When the answer is yes, I would tell them about the benefits of Slim, probio and bio-cleanse.

Q: I just don't like the taste of it, it's too sweet! (Meanwhile they have 50+ lbs to loose and MULTIPLE health issues, addicted to pain pills and on NUMEROUS medications!)
A: "Add a little lemon, girl! It's better than a punch in the mouth!
And way better than jeans being tight!
Have you tried it with lemon?"

Q: Question about Plexus Slim. On the label it says avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.
What does this mean? Does them mean you can't be outside at the beach or walking outside during the day?
A: It means do not store/keep the Slim in your hot car. Lol. You're not the first person to ask this Q.

Q: How long can the yeast die-off period take?
A: Everyone is different. Some never experience it at all. The more water you drink, the faster it will subside. (I’m assuming this is an existing customer. If not, then follow with a questions like, “what are your symptoms?)

Q: What product/product are most responsible for eliminating migraines?
A: survey says, Slim, pro-bio and cleanse.

Q: "This is just another scam/pyramid scheme"
people never say that to me. (About a pyramid scheme)
I don't know why. But they don't.
If they did I might say, "nahh. I understand why you'd think that. But this is the real deal. People are getting their lives back. That's not a scheme."
(not defensive, short answer, lighthearted and factual)

Q: "I tried Plexus, it didn't work for me"
A: I ask them how they used it. Most aren't trying probio. And not drinking enough water. But most really negative people, I just circle back around after their mom has lost twenty pounds and offer it again ;)

Q: What if I have ulcers? Can Plexus help that?
A: "I think you might want to try the Probio and biocleanse first. Only one of each at night, for about a week and let me know."

Q: Can I pay cash to become an ambassador?
A: "unfortunately no. How do you normally make online purchases?"
the cash only people that they can get a prepaid visa at Walmart. This also works well for those who are scared to use their debit/credit cards online.

Q: "But I'm already taking a probiotic"
A: "If my probiotic isn't considerably better than what you're using, I'll get you your money back AND buy you dinner!"

Q: "I'm already taking something like accelerator"
A: "Ok then-- why are we talking? ;)

Q: "well is it FDA approved" or "is it safe"?
A: "The FDA doesn't regulate supplements. Plexus is a supplement. So that's not the FDAs ball game. smile emoticon
For example, vitamin C isn't FDA approved. Because the FDA doesn't regulate vitamins and supplements."

Q: “Is it Safe?”
A: I give it to my kids and have for two years. And we haven't had a single doctor's visit in that time because their immune systems are so tough now.

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