Team Training 4 Diamond!

Team Dawn Vaughan

Fun, Friends, Family, Fit & Healthy, Financial Freedom!

When you rank up to EMERALD, you receive lots of perks!

Each year in September, the company will send you and a guest on a first-class, all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii at a luxury resort!

Sept 20-25, 2018

Grand Wailea in Maui!

Hawaii Trip

Lexus Car Program

So... how can you rank up to Emerald by July 31 to qualify for the Hawaii trip?

If you start now (Jan), you will have 7 months to qualify.  If you're starting from 0 pay points, you'll need to have 1500 pay points in one month to qualify.  Divide 1500 by 7 = 215 pay points increase each month.  Each ambassador on your first 3 levels gives 5 pay points when they make their 100PV monthly order, so you'll need 43 new ambassadors each month on those levels to sign up and be active to qualify. 

If you start with Jan. and sign 5 ambassadors, then help them each go Silver (3 ambassadors each), you'll have 20  ambassadors at the end of your first month. Not the number needed BUT next month you can build on that!

Month 2 (Feb): Sign 5 more ambassadors and help each one go Silver AND work with your level ones (the ones YOU signed up last month) to help their new ambassadors go Silver (3 ambassadors each) = 45.  You'll then have 85 ambassadors on your team, with 65 of those new this month. 

See how you can build on each month's momentum the next month?  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Worry about just talking to new people and following up with the ones you've already talked to, as well as working with the ones you sign up to sign up others, and you'll get there!

If you continue doing this each month, and teach your team to do the same, you could rank up to Emerald by July 31, 2018 (the deadline to qualify) and qualify to go to Hawaii in Sept 2018 (not to mention, have an average of $9,000+ monthly income and a new Lexus to drive LOL!!!)

Are you in?  I'd love to be your accountability partner if you're on my team!  Email me at  or text me at 479-616-6513.  I'd love to help you make your plan and then help you accomplish it!

You can also participate in the Plexus Lexus Car Program!

The company will give you $500 each month to pay your car payment or lease (your choice) each month that you qualify as an Emerald!

You have your choice of 4 different white Lexus cars!