Team Dawn Vaughan

How to see how much your check will be:

Monthly: When Monthly Financial Reports are posted (usually about a week before they are due to pay out on the 15th), login to your Virtual Office, hover over the 4 dots to the left of the screen until the menu appears.  Then click on "My Business" then "Commission Summary". 

Plexus Team Dawn Vaughan:
Training 4 Diamond!
Text:  479-616-6513

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Using the Products

LISTEN to your body. The first time that soda tastes funny... do NOT keep drinking it. The first bite of that doughnut or cookie or bread that tastes "off"... spit it out and don't try it again. Those things aren't healthy for us. Plexus is a TOOL to get us healthy. When it starts working... Listen and act accordingly.  You didn't get unhealthy and gain your weight overnight... it'll take some time to get things balanced again!  Give the products time to work!

For more info, click here:  Using the Products

Getting Started

Using Your Back Office to login, place a wholesale order, update your profile, set your backup order.

Next Step:

Beginners Training

If you're interested in building a business, continue on to Beginner's Training.

How to Check your Current PV

To find out your current PV status, login to your Virtual Office and check the Dashboard... you'll see a box called "Current PV". 

What is a Subscription?

A Subscription is an autoship that just ensures that you qualify for a check if you are due one.  It's a convenient way to make sure you don't run out of the products you need.  It's also there as a "back up" in case something happens and you forget to order during the month, or you have no customers order during the month.  You always want to make sure you have your minimum 100PV order each month to receive a check, and this just ensures that that will happen.  

It needs to be set to a minimum of 100PV (NOT dollars) so when you create it, make sure you check the PV amount!

To set up your Subscription, click on the Subscription box in your Dashboard.

You can change the default date that your Subscription is shipped, from the default 25th of the month, to any date you choose.  The 28th is the last day of the month you can choose, since all months have at least 28 days. 

You can set it to CONDITIONAL or UNCONDITIONALCONDITIONAL means it will only ship if you don't have at least 100PV in orders from your website by the date you have it set to ship.  UNCONDITIONAL means it will ship regardless of how much volume has already gone through your website this month.  It's for people with lots of customers who don't want to go in and make a manual order each month.  You can change the default credit card that the order will be charged to.  You can change the address it's shipped to (but remember- it HAS to be the same address as the billing address on your credit card!).  You can change the email address that the confirmation is sent to, as well. 

If you have it set to UNCONDITIONAL and need to turn it off one month, simply click on the edit button and delete it.  You can reset it next month.

How do I make an order?

Login to your Virtual Office, then click on the 4 dots to the left side of the page.  When the menu appears go to Shop, then just add the products you'd like.  Be sure that your order is over 100PV if you will be the only one ordering from your website for the month.  When you're ready to check out, click on the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.  Click on the Payment button when you're done to make sure the order is processed. 

What is PV? 

PV, or Personal Volume, is all the sales volume you produce from your website in a month.  The company only requires you to have 100PV per month to receive commissions and bonuses, and most of the time the product that you yourself are using will fulfill this.  But the company included another way for you to fulfill your 100PV each month- any orders that come through your website by your retail and/or preferred customers counts toward your monthly PV!

Remember- each month starts over on the first of the month.

If you haven't done so already:

  • Enroll as a Plexus Ambassador
  • You may purchase a Welcome Pack at enrollment, or you can wait up to 30 days from enrollment to purchase one.
  • Check your email for your Welcome to Plexus email with your Ambassador Number, Password and Website.
  • Take your measurements, take a picture and weigh.  Use the Weight and Measurement ChartIt's also helpful to keep a diary of how you feel throughout your first month. 
  • Login to your Virtual Office.  Look for the 4 dots on the left side of the page and a menu will appear.  Go to "Training Center" then "Rank Up Roadmap" to complete the steps needed for your first Bonus- $100!
  • Post THIS to Facebook: 
    "So excited to start this Plexus business _____ told me about! All-natural supplements for better energy, better sleep, better digestion and gut health. Who wants to try this with me?"  Add the person's name who signed you up in the blank
    and post a selfie with it.

How do I login?

As a Plexus Ambassador, you will order your products in your "Virtual Office".  To get to your Virtual Office, go to your website and click on the little person icon in the top right-hand corner, then "SIGN IN". 

You will then see your "Dashboard".  This will display company announcements, as well as Customer Service contact information.  For help, simply go to the Ambassador Help Center (link at bottom of page).