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So what should I do to promote to a Silver Ambassador?

What should I do when I've enrolled an Ambassador?

Send them this graphic and make sure you've added them to our team group:

Make sure they come to this website and read everything they need to know and are added to the Health and Happiness Happy Hour group!


The group does most of the work for you!  Each week we post product and business information, and ambassadors share their testimonials by Facebook Live or video.  We do a Facebook Live "Happy Hour" on Tuesdays where we talk about our featured product for the week, how to earn money, and we have some live guests tell us their stories of success.  You can invite up to 30 guests each month to join the group, listen to the stories and read the information, then you follow up with them to give them YOUR website to order or join from!  That's 30 potential customers or ambassadors for you each month! To see just how AMAZINGLY FAST your team can grow using this system, go to Health and Happiness Happy Hour

  • Do the assignments in the Rank Up Roadmap for Silver Ambassador!

You can find it by going to your Virtual Office, then under "Training" click on "Rank Up Roadmap" then Silver Ambassador.  
Check off the assignments as you complete them. 

  • Watch the video below:

Meet these requirements to promote to Silver:

  • Minimum 100PV from your website for the month (either your own order, your customers' orders, or a combination of the two
  • $34.95 website fee is current
  • Sign up 3 Ambassadors from your website who have at least 100PV in sales from their website.  If they purchase a Welcome Pack, that counts as their 100PV minimum.  If you have one ambassador sign up and order one month, but you don't sign up the other 2 until the next month, the first ambassador WILL need to order the second month.  You need 3 Ambassadors to make their order or purchase a Welcome Pack in the same calendar month to rank up.

Your Reward:  

  • $100 Bonus!  
  • PLUS Business Building Bonuses from the Welcome Packs your new Ambassadors may order in their first 30 days:​​  ~$25 Bonus if they choose a $99 Welcome Pack or ~$50 Bonus if they choose a $199 Welcome Pack!
  • 15-25% commission on sales from your website (not including Welcome Packs or the first 100PV minimum).

BENEFITS of promoting to Silver Ambassador:

  • $100 Achievement Bonus
  • Pay Points each month afterwards (average $15 for each active Ambassador levels 1-3)= RESIDUAL INCOME!!!
  • Commissions from your website sales (15-25% every month)
  • Override Commissions (5% from your active level one ambassadors every month)
  • Pay points 5 level deep
  • Excitement and Momentum!!!!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • “How will Silver feel?
  • "What do you think you’ll say to yourself when you rank to Silver?"
  • "How are you going to feel to see the words Silver Ambassador next to your name in the Virtual Office?"
  • "Which of the specific benefits of Silver gets you the most excited?"
  • "Have you already made plans for what you’ll do with your $100 Achievement Bonus?"

Step 2: Getting Started

  • Your First Assignments

  • Ranking up to Silver Ambassador!

Next Step:

Beginners Training

Once you've ranked up to SILVER AMBASSADOR, go on to Step 2 if you're interested in building a business to GOLD AMBASSADOR and beyond!

If you haven't done so already:

  • Enroll as a Plexus Ambassador
  • You may purchase a Welcome Pack at enrollment, or you can wait up to 30 days from enrollment to purchase one (if desired- not a requirement).
  • Check your email for your Welcome to Plexus email with your Ambassador Number, Password and Website.
  • Join our Health and Happiness Happy Hour Facebook group.  In this group we present the products and the business for your guests!  You can invite and add up to 30 guests per month.  We don't want you to add your whole friend's list at one time- we want you to be able to personally invite them and make sure they want to be added to this group.  Then you can follow up with them with YOUR website so they can order or join!  For more info on how your team can grow FAST and SIMPLE with this group, click here: 1-2-3 System.  
  • To join the group, click here:
  • Login to your Virtual Office and take a look around!  Lots of training and info there!
  • Watch this recording for New Ambassador Training to answer your Top 10 Questions as a New Ambassador: