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AWESOME tips for following up with people!!

FOLLOW UP SCHEDULE  (or whatever suits you best!)
Day 1 - You have met someone or someone you know has reached out to you. You have sent them THE EMAIL and a question (remember, you're playing "ping pong").  Fill out a customer follow up sheet with as much information on them as you can and place it into your Follow-Up Binder 3 days from now.

3 Days Later - a quick follow-up (phone call, text, email). Maybe just seeing if they have any questions about THE EMAIL and ask them a question (ping pong)..  Then move their sheet ahead 7 days in the binder.

7 Days Later - Go find a testimonial that you know might help them. Cut and paste into an email with "I saw this and thought of you" and ask them a question (ping pong). Move their sheet ahead 7 days in the binder.  There are lots of testimonials separated by symptoms here:

7 Days Later - a quick follow up (phone call, text, email.) and a question (ping pong).  Move their sheet ahead 7 days in the binder.

7 Days Later - Send them something about one of our amazing products anda question (ping pong).  Move their sheet ahead 10 days.

Now, every 10 days or so, you will need to follow up - keep rotating through the order (quick follow up, testimonial, quick follow up, product information, etc. ) as well as a question!

** Follow up the 2nd or 3rd time with a testimonial that will help further the process along. Drop "gold nuggets" along the way. If we just say "how's it going" or "do you have any questions?" it is likely that we will hear crickets b/c we aren't bringing value to them in our follow-up.

Studies show that it takes a person hearing about something 6-8 times before they act on it!  Most people give up after the second time and even more give up after the third time.  Don't give up!


You need a good system to use to follow up with the people you are talking to about Plexus.  One of the easiest systems I've found is the Follow-Up Binder.  I use this every single day and I usually have about a 20-30% sign up rate with this.  You'll want to create and use it NOW before you forget all the people you've been talking to about Plexus.  That way they won't "fall through the cracks".

Materials Needed for a basic binder:
(a) Binder  (you can start out with just any old cheap binder)
(b) Index Tabs 1-31
(c) Printed copies of "customer follow up sheet" posted in the Files Section of my group: or here: Customer Follow Up Sheet
(d) Hole Punch for punching holes in the sheets to put in your binder (or use clear pastic sheet protectors to put your sheets in).

*Fill out one sheet for every person you talk to about Plexus and write down every time you contact them and what their response is (if any).  You can also keep up with their purchase history here as well, if they become a customer.

* Play the game of "ping pong" with them...don't "puke" Plexus on them in the very first email.... give a little info, then ask a question that they are COMPELLED to answer.  Then when they answer, send a little more info and ask another question.... keep doing this and you'll have much better results!

*Then, count 3 days from the date you last talked to them and put their sheet in the index tabs for that date.  Your 1-31 tabs represent each day of the current month.  So if you talked to them today and it's March 15 (for example), you would place their sheet under Day 18.  

*Each day, open up your binder to today's date and simply contact every person who has a sheet there.  Then move their sheet ahead. Now you never have to remember the last time you talked to someone and when you should follow up!

*Once they become a customer or ambassador, simply contact them once a month to check in with them.  You can do this by putting their sheet on a certain day each month and leaving it there.  When you come back around to that day next month, their sheet will already be there for you.  OR you can buy Index tabs Jan-Dec. and move their sheet from month to month.  It's completely up to you :)

Some people also make tabs for things like Product Price List, Product Ingredients, testimonials for certain symptoms, etc. so they can easily find it when needed.  This is YOUR binder and you can do it any way that works for you.

The most IMPORTANT thing is to use it EVERY DAY!

Follow Up Binder System

Use this every day for the best business results!