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Step 1:  FAQs

----How Do I Login for the first time?

----For existing Ambassadors: How do I transfer my account to the new system?

----How do I sign into my Virtual Office?

----What’s the Dashboard?

----What is "PV"?

PV, or Personal Volume, is all the sales volume you produce from your website in a month.  The company only requires you to have 100PV per month to receive commissions and bonuses, and most of the time the product that you yourself are using will fulfill this.  But the company included another way for you to fulfill your 100PV each month- any orders that come through your website by your retail and/or preferred customers counts toward your monthly PV!
Remember- each month starts over on the first of the month.

----What is a "Welcome Pack"?

Whether you’d like to call them your own or use the products to kick-start your business, Welcome Packs deliver fan-favorites at better than Ambassador prices. At this time Canada just has the first category but will be adding more soon.  You have 30 days after your sign up to order one, and you're only allowed to order ONE, so take advantage! 

Here’s how to select yours:

----Here is a video which explains the top 10 Questions a New Ambassador Has When They Join

----Where do I see my PV and my Customers PV?

----How do I make a wholesale order?

----What is a "Subscription"?

A Subscription is an autoship that just ensures that you qualify for a check if you are due one.  It's also a convenient way to make sure you don't run out of the products you need!  It's also there as a "back up" in case something happens and you forget to order during the month, or you have no customers order during the month.  You always want to make sure you have your minimum 100PV order each month to receive a check, and this just ensures that that will happen.  

It needs to be set to a minimum of 100 PV (NOT dollars) so when you create it, make sure you check the PV amount!

To set up your Subscription, click on the Subscription box in your Dashboard.

You can change the default date that your Subscription is shipped, from the default 25th of the month, to any date you choose.  The 28th is the last day of the month you can choose, since all months have at least 28 days.  

You can set it to CONDITIONAL or UNCONDITIONAL.  CONDITIONAL means it will only ship if you don't have at least 100PV in orders from your website by the date you have it set to ship.  UNCONDITIONAL means it will ship regardless of how much volume has already gone through your website this month.  It's for people with lots of customers who don't want to go in and make a manual order each month.  You can change the default credit card that the order will be charged to.  You can change the address it's shipped to (but remember- it HAS to be the same address as the billing address on your credit card!).  You can change the email address that the confirmation is sent to, as well.  ​

If you have it set to UNCONDITIONAL and need to turn it off one month, simply click on the edit button and delete it.  You can reset it next month.

----Can I change my subscription from the Virtual Office?

----How can I tell if I’m qualified to receive commission?

Once you reach 100 PV, you’re qualified to begin receiving commission. You can find more about commission levels and rank advancements in our leading
Compensation Planas well as on the PV page in your Virtual Office.

----What are Shareables?

----Where can I see my new Ambassadors for the month?

----Where can I see my current and past commissions?

----How do I use the products?

LISTEN to your body. The first time that soda tastes funny... do NOT keep drinking it. The first bite of that doughnut or cookie or bread that tastes "off"... spit it out and don't try it again. Those things aren't healthy for us. Plexus is a TOOL to get us healthy. When it starts working... Listen and act accordingly.  You didn't get unhealthy and gain your weight overnight... it'll take some time to get things balanced again!  Give the products time to work!

For more info, click here:
  Using the Products

What should I do as a New Ambassador?

Read "Getting Started", "Beginners Training" and "The 1-2-3 System" to find out how to earn some money (even if all you want is enough to pay for your products).  Save this graphic to your phone!