Dawn's Method of Operation

Just to give you an idea of what I'm doing to work my Plexus business each month:

1. Facebook and other social media. I post 2-3 times a day on my business Facebook page and have a Customer Group on Facebook where I add all my friends, family, customers and anyone who has ever requested a sample.  This is where I run my contests and giveaways.  On my personal wall, I try to keep the personal posts at 80% and business posts at 20% so I don't "wear out" my friends, and only post a few times a week about Facebook.  I try to keep these posts VERY personal and make sure they have something to do with ME- NO ADS.  I also have several team groups where I do most of my communication and training with my team.

2. Opportunity Meetings. These are very simple to do. You can do them in your own living room or at a restaurant meeting room. Show the company product video and parts 1 & 2 of the compensation video, give your testimonial. That's about all there is to it! I give out door prizes and also have Plexus Slim mixed up in water bottles for guests to taste. I have a sign in sheet to get their contact info to follow up with them. 

3.  Coffee Chats.  These are informal little meetings you do... more one-on-one with a prospect, or two-on-one with another Plexus team member and a prospect.  There is a format here: Coffee Chat that you can use.

4.  Follow Up Power Hour.  I try to follow up with at least 10-30 people each week who have requested a sample, or shown some kind of interest in the products or business.   More info on doing follow up.

5.  3-Way Calls or Zoom.  This is when a team member is talking to a prospect but needs some third-party validation or just help answering questions.  If they are there in person with the contact they simply call me and put their phone on speaker (or get on the Zoom app).  Then introduce me to their prospect and I answer any questions they may have, or just give my testimony.  If they are not local to the prospect, they can add me into their call.

6.  Team Training Zoom.  I do these every other Tuesday for my whole team (strictly training).  

7.  Individual Team Member Calls.  I try to talk to my personally-sponsored ambassadors, as well as the Leaders in my team, individually at least once a month to check in and see where they may need help.

Dawn's Method of Operation (DMO)

Team Dawn Vaughan