Customer Facebook Group

A great way to add new customers and ambassadors!

Team Dawn Vaughan

If creating a Facebook Business page is a little too complicated for you, (and even if you HAVE a business page), a customer group is a great way to focus on your prospects and customers. 

Create a Facebook Group (look on the left side of your Facebook profile... you will see "Groups" there and a link to "create a group".  That's all there is to it!  Make the group "secret" under settings.  Then add your Facebook friends in the little box to the right by typing in their name.  You can also send email invitations by clicking on the link (invite by email). 

Then post product info, the very BEST testimonials, and any specials, giveaways or contests that you're running!

It's a great place for your customers or prospects to ask questions as it's more private than a Page.