Team Dawn Vaughan


Every month, Plexus rewards three amazing Ambassadors who have gone above and beyond to help the most team members on their first four levels reach the rank of Silver. Such an accomplishment deserves acknowledgment
and nothing short of a fabulous trip!


Silver Star Winners will enjoy a deluxe trip for two
to sunny Arizona, where they and their guest will stay in beautiful accommodations in historic Scottsdale, visit One Plexus Headquarters, receive $300 in spending cash, have an exclusive dinner with a Plexus Executive, and receive even more exciting surprises!


*Ambassadors cannot win the Silver Star Trip more than once.

*Ambassadors ranked Senior Ruby and above entering the month are not eligible.

*Tie-breaker: most new personally sponsored Preferred Customers during the month, followed by most new personally sponsored Retail Customers, followed by most PV.

Jan-April each year to win prizes at Convention in the summer

Leaders Retreat Contest

Convention Contest

There are different combinations to get to Leaders Retreat, but here's one visual.

It's definitely going to be a sprint but I believe ALL things are possible!! 

One way is to get $1,000PV each month (June, July, August) and either 35 ambassadors in your levels 1-4 with a welcome pack or personal retail or preferred customers with a 50pv min order. 

You could take off the post-its as you get ambassadors and customers so that you can see EXACTLY how many more you need to qualify!

June- Aug each year to qualify for the trip in October

Silver Star Award Contest

January 1- December 31, 2017

Win the Silver Star Award the most times in a calendar year and receive $200 cash award from me!

My levels 1-6 only

For info, go to Silver Star Award

Ongoing Company Contests

Current Team Contests

Current Team Contests