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This email and personal phone call example is about reaching out to those individuals that you want on your team doing this BUSINESS with. Research has shown that picking up the phone/one on one interaction is more successful than sending an email and expecting a favorable response. Listed below is the suggested formula for success.

1. CALL your dream team prospect – CONNECT

The goal is to keep the conversation short, get their email address so that you can send them information and then schedule a time to follow back up. If they let you know on the phone call that they are not interested, then you still want to get permission to send the information.

Your goal is for them to become more knowledgeable about what you are doing so they would then feel comfortable giving you referrals whether it be customers/ambassadors OR they might decide themselves to try the products/business.

If there is no answer, simply leave a message ... something like this:

Hi Sue! I have a quick question for you. Please give me a call back when you have a second. If I don't hear back from you, I will get in touch with you in the next day or two. Thanks!

If prospect answers, the conversation could go like this:

Hi (Prospect Name)! I just have a quick minute (you want the prospect to know it will be a short conversation) … Did I catch you at a good time?


I recently started my own business with a health and wellness company (no need to say Plexus) and you have come to mind several times because you are such a people person and you love helping others (compliment the prospect, share a couple of positive qualities as to why you want this person on your team). I'd love to share some information with you. I think you would be great at this. You have such a heart for others, and besides that, I would love to work with you! I understand you may or may not be interested so there's no pressure, but would you mind sharing your email address with me so that I could send you some information to look over and then follow back up with you in a couple of days?


I will email you the information today, and then I can follow back up with you (within 48 hours) on Tuesday at 3:00 pm or Wednesday at 9:00 am. Do either of those times work for you?


Great, I look forward to talking with you on Wednesday at 9:00 am. Thanks again!

2.     EMAIL your dream team prospect – SHARE

Hi (Prospect Name),

Thanks so much for letting me share my new business venture with you … It’s been life changing! As I mentioned during our phone conversation, you’d be perfect at this because you have such a caring heart for others and I’d love to have you join me!

Plexus provides natural products with so many health benefits, some of which could help with blood sugar stabilization, weight loss, more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, controlled cholesterol, relief from migraines and pain … to mention just a few. As I have found out, when your bodies are out of balance, it leads to a whole slew of illnesses. Plexus simply stabilizes what is wrong inside the body and makes it right.


I've attached a few documents for you to look over regarding the products and business opportunity. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and answering any questions you may have when we talk on Wednesday at 9:00 am.


Plexus Product / Price Sheet Why Plexus?

3.     CALL back FOLLOW UP

You will need to follow up within 48 hours. Be positive and passionate. Ask them for their feedback on what they’ve read and LISTEN to their needs. Is it health? Financial freedom? You will customize your follow up according to their needs. If they’re ready to sign up, offer to walk them through the process right then. If they need more time to think about joining, let them know you’re available to answer any questions or concerns. Close the follow up letting your potential Ambassador know you will get back with them at a specific time.

If they’re answer at this moment is “no” to becoming an Ambassador, it might mean “yes” to becoming a customer.

Just know that “no” never means “no” forever!  Ask if you can contact them at a later time.

Calling Prospects