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Lufkin, TX

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Our team meeting with Melody's testimonial!

-I used to get at least 1 to 2 canker sores every month in my mouth and sometimes more, but this last year I've only had 2 or 3 total! In the past, if I ever ate too much or anything really rich, especially when I would go out to eat, my stomach would get upset within about 30 minutes, and I would have to rush to the restroom. (Sorry TMI) However, lately I haven't had any problems with that either!

- I have always suffered from painful and heavy, long menstrual cycles and have had to take oral contraceptives for most of my adult life to help regulate and control them. The last two or three years I have had only 3 or 4 cycles a year. About four months ago I started noticing some other unpleasant symptoms. I got off of the pills to see if it was side effects from them or if it was my body just starting to go through the change. Since stopping them, I have actually started having a more regular cycle and have also noticed that I have not suffered from PMS, pain has been minimal, and the days have been shorter and lighter! I think that the last 4 issues may have been helped by the ProBio5 and the BioCleanse.
- And last but not least, here is something that just happened the other day... I had a friend who went to the emergency room with a bad headache and throwing up. The next day she still had a headache when she came to my house. I had offered her a Slim and when she started drinking it, nearly instantly, she told me that she was feeling some relief and that she felt like it was massaging her brain. At the time I was a little surprised and unsure that anything could work so fast, however...only 2 days later, I started getting a headache that was quickly becoming so bad I felt like I might need to take a few ibuprofen and go back to bed for a little while to see if I could get rid of it before I had to leave for work, but since I hadn't taken my Slim yet and I also hadn't eaten anything, I decided to drink my Slim and take 2 fast relief capsules instead...and I promise you, cross my heart, and hope to die that before I had drank half of my 16.9 oz bottle of Slim the headache totally disappeared!!!
I had heard others including some of my friends say before that they had experience relief from headaches after taking Plexus, but I had never experienced anything like that before for myself.
Needless to say, I was amazed and in shock that it disappeared so fast!!! When I told my kids about it my teenage daughter told me that she had a headache too, so I gave her the other half of my bottle of Slim and she said that she felt some relief too!
I can't say that Slim will help with all headaches, but I do believe that something in it helped me! A couple of days later I had a little bit of a tired headache from 2 nights of not getting enough sleep, so I took some Slim hoping it would help again, but this time the only thing that helped get rid of it was sleep.
On the business opportunity side of Plexus, let me just say...I have been blessed!!!
- I am now a Gold ambassador with a team of nearly 50 ambassadors, 2 of which were just added yesterday!!! What an awesome Plexusiversary present!
- Richard is a Silver ambassador with a team of 12 ambassadors.
- In the 12 months since I joined Plexus and the 11 since Richard joined all we have ever had to pay for out of our personal money was our Welcome Packs and Richard's ambassador fee, everything else has been paid for with our Plexus money!
- Additionally, we have also had some extra money left over for other fun and useful things, like money for Christmas gifts, 2 trips to the Texas Panhandle to see my family, my convention trip to Dallas, and more!!!
I Love Plexus and I LOVE our products!!! They have literally changed my life and unless something happens to change my mind, I plan on taking these amazing products for the rest of my life!
I know this has been long, but just be glad that I didn't add all of the things it's help my extended family and friends with! LOL
If you've gotten this far, Thank you for taking the time to read my Pleximony! :)
God bless!
Melody Draper
Independent Gold Ambassador

I'm so excited!!!! Today is my 1 year Plexiversary !!!
If you would like to know what Plexus has done for me and some of the reasons why I'm so passionate about it and have turned into a crazy Plexus lady here is my 1 year Pleximony!
One year ago today, after watching my friend post amazing testimonials about Plexus for over 10 months and also seeing several of my other friends start experiencing great results with Plexus, I signed up as a Plexus ambassador and started my Plexus Journey!
I signed up as a an ambassador, before I even knew if the pink drink tasted good or not, because I believed that if all the testimonials were true, this stuff really worked and that it was something that I wanted to share with my family and friends and possibly see if I'm might could receive a few benefits from it myself!
After being with Plexus for 1 year, I am pleased to say that not only has Plexus been a Godsend both physically and financially for me, but it has also been for many of my friends and family members that I have shared it with, too!
A lot of people start Plexus because they want to lose weight however my Plexus Journey has not really been a weight loss journey, because when I started Plexus I was already close to my healthy BMI. And compared to several of my family and friends who have lost quite a bit of weight with Plexus, I really haven't lost that much, but what I did lose was several inches on my neck, arms, chest, waist, hips, and thighs. Of course some days I'm more bloated than others, but I don't stress over that, because I know that fluctuations are normal and to be expected.
I'll be honest with you I really don't care what the scales say as long as I feel OK and my clothes are comfortable! In fact, if I don't ever lose anymore weight, I'm OK with that. Of course I wouldn't mind losing a few more pounds, but it would just be for vanity reasons, LOL, I'm actually happy where I'm at right now.

When I started Plexus, I only took the Plexus Slim (aka the pink drink). I did not exercise, nor make any major diet changes. I was very happy with my 1st week results and was thrilled with my 7 week results!

But...honestly, what I'm more excited about are the non-scale victories that my family and I have gained from Plexus!
Some of my non-scale victories came with the Slim alone and some I believe have come from some of our other products.
-The first thing I noticed after starting Plexus Slim was that my preference for soda, sweet tea, and coffee was practically gone! In fact, I can hardly stand to drink tea or soda anymore at all. Chocolate no longer controls me and I don't have to have coffee or other caffeinated drinks everyday like I used to. I'll be honest with you, I do still eat a little bit of chocolate and drink a little coffee (usually decaf now) when I want some, but I no longer feel like I am a slave to them And feel like I have to have them. I can take them or leave them.
-I also began wanting to eat healthier things & to drink more water. Before Plexus I could barely make myself drink 8 oz in a day, but now I drink about 67oz of water every day!

- Several years ago, I was put on antidepressants for mild depression. Thankfully I was able to get off of them after about 3 yrs., but sometimes I still battled with low days and feeling weepy. I have been excited that since I started Plexus this has been much better. When I take my Plexus Slim I notice that I feel a lot healthier, calmer, and more content. On the flip side, after a day or two of not drinking one I feel more and more drained and emotional -- like I routinely felt before Plexus.

- Before I began Plexus I had tendinitis in my right wrist and on both sides of my right elbow, but after drinking the Slim for only 2 weeks I started noticing that I didn't have as much pain! Any time I do have any breakthrough pain I rub some of our Fast Relief Cream on it and it usually takes care of it within seconds! On the flip-side, I have also noticed that when I don't take my Slim my starts hurting again.

- With the Fast Relief Cream we have my kids and I have all experienced relief from painful acne & deep cysts. I used to get at least one or two deep cyst every month now I only get one occasionally. And a lot of times if we will catch them fast enough and reapply fast relief often enough they will go away before coming to a head.

- Anytime my nose gets stuffy I can usually find nearly instant relief by rubbing some Fast Relief Cream on my sinuses and under my nose where I can smell it's pepperminty smell and it opens me right up! - One time when I had a sinus headache I was able to get a lot of relief from just rubbing the Fast Relief Cream on my temples, forehead, and neck. I also took some fast relief capsules and it helped with the rest of it.

- We have also used the Fast Relief Cream with great success on a sore finger joint, neck cricks, sore feet, and other stiff/sore muscles, bug bites, heat burns, & sun burns. (If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one Plexus product with me, without a doubt, I would choose my Fast Relief Cream! I LOVE this stuff and my family does too! We keep two bottles on hand at all times.)

- My teenagers and I also love the Body Cream and have even found it to be helpful with our acne and burns, and it even seems like some of my wrinkles have diminished! I would use it more consistently who knows but my skin would look like! -My hair & nails used to be very thin and sickly, but they are now much healthier & thicker; My hairdresser actually told me the last time I went to have my hair done that I had thick hair! I have never had thick hair, nor been told that was before in my life!!! I believe that the XFactor multivitamins may be behind this.

- I normally experience my worst allergies during the Spring and usually end up getting a painful sinus infection, but this year I was very excited, because I did not have ANY Spring allergies at all and didn't have to take even one allergy pill! Usually I would take at least one or more allergy pills during any given month, but I can't even remember the last time I took one!