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I have always been “big”.  Even when I was thinner, I felt big because I am big – at 5’10” a skinny me is still larger than most women. Therefore, body image has been an issue ever since I was a bigger-than-average 6 year old.

Fast forward a bunch of years.  We were never supposed to have children and adopted a sibling group that God sent us (met them at church no less!).  Then, Surprise!  I had our miracle baby when I was 37.  That’s a bit late for your one and only pregnancy, and I gained weight like a champ!

Just before I turned 44, my father died from kidney failure (he had Parkinson’s and a slew of other problems, but kidney failure was the
ultimate cause).  That’s when I took seriously the consequences of Type II Diabetes and decided I would do just about anything to avoid it.

2001-2002 were my serious carb-counting years.  I lost 55 lbs and kept off most of it for 10 years.  It was great to feel and look thin.  For the first time ever, I started exercising; in my mid 40’s I felt better than I had in my 20’s.  I was a very healthy middle age woman.

In 2011, menopause reared its head.  After maintaining my weight so well for so long, I gained 8 lbs in 2 months.  Then a horrible case of poison ivy required two rounds of steroids.  I gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks!  Then our car was hit and totaled, and I could hardly walk.  You guessed it, 8 more lbs
in 2 months.  Depressed?  Yes!   Our family Thanksgiving photo was the most miserable looking I had been in years.  My solution was to console
myself with pumpkin pie and not weigh again until after Christmas.

By then, the woman who lost 55 lbs, exercised, got in great shape, and only had regained 10 lbs in 10 years was now an unhappy post -menopausal woman who added 28 lbs in just a few months and whose thyroid had “left the building”.  All the tools I had once used to lose weight refused to work.  

My elliptical and I spent long hours together, and I got a girlfriend to be my exercise partner.  We worked out and walked together regularly.  I was a great coach – she lost 30 lbs.  I lost … about 6!  

A year and a half into my post-menopausal hate- this- new- old- body struggle, my friend Dawn posted that she was starting Plexus Slim.  I told her she was crazy, “You shouldn’t try stuff like that; you never know what’s in that.  It might hurt you.” She said she has looked into it and had seen how much better her friends were feeling.  

I, her biggest skeptic, was so convinced that she was wrong and that I knew better that I decided to double up my efforts and show her how it SHOULD be done!  I started thyroid medicine, joined a gym (and worked out vigorously 4-6 hours/week), and counted carbs – to the point that I was recording every bite I ate for a week or two at a time.

In six months, I lost 6 lbs … as much as I had lost the whole previous year.

The same six months, Dawn lost … 56!

Needless to say, I was now interested in her Plexus!  Still very concerned about the health risks, I asked for more information.  Dawn added me to the Plexus Facebook testimony group and I read how person after person was having their DOCTORS take them off their meds because they were so much healthier and had lab results to prove it.

I, who don’t like meds, who never tried weight loss products, and who is the world’s biggest tightwad, asked my hubby for permission to get a Welcome Pack.  I never planned to sell, but tightwad me could not stand the idea of buying Plexus Slim at retail if there was a wholesale price available.  I thought I’d use up that Welcome Pack and that would be the end of my Plexus journey.

Before I even got my products in the mail, Dawn encouraged me to listen to the weekly Wednesday night Opportunity Call.  Did that ever rock my world?!  My very first call to listen to was June 19, 2013 – the night Melissa Pritchard tearfully shared that God was using Plexus to save her life.  I started telling everyone how wonderful this stuff was that it was changing lives … and within a month, 15 or so of my middle-aged overweight friends were trying it too.  

I signed up my first friends when I’d only lost 5 lbs; even before the weight loss was visible, they could tell how excited I was just to be feeling so much better.  My rosacea improved and my 8-year sleep disorder all but disappeared!  I loved Plexus and wanted everyone to know it.

So, this woman who never planned to have a Plexus business figured out that if she told enough people she might make an extra $500 or so a month. Yep.  That was my goal.  I only had five weeks before I was starting an H&R Block class, so I packed a bunch of Facebook posting and sharing with friends by phone into that five weeks. I knew nothing about social marketing or even that MLM was a career field for some.  All I knew was that five weeks was all the time I had.

Well, God knew something I didn’t.  At the end of that five weeks, my
father- in-law had a medical crisis, and I moved in to care for an 85 and 88
year old while I took my tax class.  And my little Plexus business?  It kept
growing.  Five weeks after I moved into the in-laws’ house, I ranked Gold!  My father-in-law had no idea why people kept calling and dropping by, but he was very impressed with the checks I deposited for my two-month old business.

I love my Plexus team! 

God has blessed me with some women who were somewhat friends before and are close friends now.  I have Plexus ‘cousins’ all over the country with whom I now chat regularly but would have never met otherwise.

In network marketing, they suggest you write down your “Why”.  What is my “Why that makes me cry?”  I have two.  The first is an orphanage in Guatemala.  God is using my Plexus journey to help build new rooms, one cinderblock at a time.  The second?  I want my own “Melissa Pritchard story”.  I want to find someone for whom these products will be life changing.

Will these products change everyone’s life?  No, but I don’t think that is possible with ANY health product whether supplement OR prescription drug.  I don't promise anyone anything, because I don't want disappointment.  I DO tell everyone that it balances blood sugar, and the rest is up to their body.  Have I had friends for whom it didn’t work?  Yes.  But have I had friends for whom it worked when nothing else didn’t?  Yes, yes, yes!  One friend my age has lost 40 lbs in 6 months, another friend has lost 50 lbs, and my son- in- law’s 8 month ‘the-doctors-don’t-know-what’s-wrong mysterious symptoms’ cleared up within a few weeks of using Plexus Fast Relief and Nerve Health Support.  Does that tell me Plexus products do amazing work?  Yes!

Ooh – I almost forgot to mention the fact that Plexus helped me lose weight!  Yep, the calendar has been rolled back to 2011. I am back to my pre- menopausal weight and feeling trimmer than I have in years.  I love shopping through the clothes I put up 3-4 years ago!  And Hubby?  Darrell is also now a Gold Ambassador and happily has taken in his belt three notches since he started his Pink Drink!

Love my friend Dawn – and I am soooo glad she didn’t listen to me!   Her biggest skeptic is now her biggest supporter and thrilled to be in business
with her.  

Thank you, God, for Plexus!

Diana Bryan