How you approach this business in the next 30 days is critical to your success!!

You want to hit the ground running and be excited, because you are about to start changing lives, including your own!

Your first assignment, as SOON as you sign up:

Post THIS to Facebook: 

"So excited to start this Plexus business _____ told me about! All-natural supplements for better energy, better sleep, better digestion and gut health. Who wants to try this with me?" 

Add the person's name who signed you up in the blank and post a selfie with it. 

This is BEFORE you even receive your products!

If someone is interested, put them in a Facebook group message with you and the person who signed you up OR a zoom with you and the person who signed you up.  Your sponsor can tell this person all about Plexus, answer their questions, etc. so YOU don't have to know anything!

When they sign up, we'll ask them if they have 3 friends who might be interested.  Schedule a ZOOM with all of them, yourself and your sponsor as soon as possible. See video below for info on this!

OR add your sponsor or upline to a phone call with your friend and let them answer any questions your friend might have.

Then go to your "Virtual Office", hover over the 4 dots to the left of the screen until the menu appears, then click on "Training Center" then "Rank Up Roadmap".  Look for the Road to Silver icon and begin your steps to your first rank and your first bonus!!


If you REALLY want to get a FAST START to your business and rank up really quickly, Go FAST START GOLD.... or higher!

Fast Start Gold
How does $1000 your first month sound?????

did you know you have the ability to make $1000 in just 30 days???? You absolutely can!

Within 30 calendar days of joining, if you add a total of 20 people on your levels 1-3, you would rank to "Fast Start Gold" and would receive double the Silver bonus ($200) plus double the Gold bonus ($500) plus you get Business Building Bonuses for all ambassadors who join on your first 4 Levels.  

The 20 people can come in any combination. You could sign 5 people who each add 3. You could add 10 who each add 1, etc.
Who's up for the challenge??? Talk to your newbies about this as soon as they join!

**You can even Fast Start Sr. Gold, Ruby, and Sr. Ruby as well for even higher bonuses!!!


To help you:

Watch a different Diamond Documentary each day! 

Plexus Team Dawn Vaughan:
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Text:  479-616-6513

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