Team Training 4 Diamond!

Team Dawn Vaughan

Fun, Friends, Family, Fit & Healthy, Financial Freedom!

At each rank you have the Rank Up Road Map to steer your way!  Be sure to do the assignments for your next rank in your Virtual Office under Training!  And don't forget about our 1-2-3 System to duplicate yourself quickly!

For more information on our Compensation Plan, go to Comp Plan Explained.

We have many Resources you can use... go on to TOOLS to see just some of them! 

Gold Ambassadors have a minimum of 20 active people on their team (each level 1-3 Ambassador counts for 5 pay points, so if you have 20 on your first 3 levels who all active and have at least 100pv for the month, you will earn 100 pay points!)

​If you sign up 3 people (Silver) and they each sign up 3 (Silver), and they each sign up 1, you'd  have your 20.  Or you sign up 5 people and they each go Silver (3 Ambassadors each) you will then have 20 people on your team!  Or you sign up 10 who each signs up 1 person.  There are many ways to get there to 20 on your team!  You will rank up to Gold Ambassador and earn a $250 Gold Bonus!

​If you can do this in your first 30 days, you can earn DOUBLE Bonuses!

So you've on your way to becoming a Silver Ambassador.  But wait... there's so much more!

After Gold, is Senior Gold!  You'll need a minimum of 50 people on your team and 250 pay points. You'll receive a $350 Senior Gold Bonus!  Just continue the Power of 3- you sign 3 each month and train them to sign 3 a month, and you'll get there FAST!

​Don't forget about using our 1-2-3 System to make it easier! 

​Here are some ideas for working your 30 minutes a day:

did you know you have the ability to make $1000 in just 30 days???? You absolutely can!

Within 30 calendar days of joining, if you have a total of 20 people on your levels 1-3, you rank to "Fast Start Gold" and would receive double the Silver bonus ($200) plus double the Gold bonus ($500) plus you get Business Building Bonuses for all ambassadors who join on your first 4 Levels. 

Who's up for the challenge??? Talk to your newbies about this as soon as they join!

**You can even Fast Start Sr. Gold, Ruby, and Sr. Ruby as well for even higher bonuses!!!

Step 3: 

Getting Started

After Emerald, comes Sapphire.  You'll need a minimum of 750 active people on your team and 3000 pay points in one calendar month.  You get an extra 1% of sales each month divided between all the Sapphires (PLUS you'll still continue to receive the 3% Emerald Bonus!).  You'll get the trip to Hawaii and continue to participate in the Plexus Lexus car program!  

After Sapphire, comes the TOP rank in our company--- DIAMOND!  You'll need a minimum of 900 active people on your team and 4500 pay points in one calendar month.  You'll now receive another 1% of sales each month divided between all the Diamonds... PLUS the Emerald and Sapphire bonuses!  You'll receive the Emerald Extravaganza trip PLUS a SECOND trip called the Diamond Event!  This year it's in Hawaii as well.  You can now participate in the Diamond Plexus Lexus Program and get an UPGRADED Lexus to drive!  

But guess what... it doesn't end there!  When you have at least 6000 pay points in a calendar month, you can choose to sign up AGAIN under yourself (essentially CLONING yourself) and start all over again in that position!  We now have TWO DOUBLE Diamonds in the company... and many on their way to that!

​As you can see... the potential for income in this company is MASSIVE!  EVERYONE needs our products and they're consumable and need to be purchases every month!  

And everyone gets there the same way-- you can't "buy" your way in to any rank in Plexus.  Everyone starts out the same way and works their way up the ranks.  A Diamond is no different from you--- they've just talked to more people!!!

Watch a different Diamond Documentary each day! 

Plexus Team Dawn Vaughan:
Training 4 Diamond!
Text:  479-616-6513

After Senior Gold, is Ruby!  You are now a GEM! You'll need a minimum of 100 active people on your team and 500 pay points. You'll receive a  $500 Ruby Bonus!

After Ruby, is Senior Ruby!  You'll need a minimum of 150 active people on your team and 750 pay points in one calendar month. You'll receive a $750 Senior Ruby Bonus!

After Senior Ruby, comes the thing we are all working for... you become a
JEWEL Ambassador!  Emeralds need a  minimum of 300 active people on their team and 1500 pay points in one calendar month.  You'll now receive your Emerald Bonus EVERY month!  The company takes 3% of the sales for the month and divides it between all the Emerald Ambassadors!  You'll also receive an all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Hawaii each year in September for the Emerald Extravaganza!  AND you can participate in the Plexus Lexus car program!