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Daily Action Step

Submit each day for all Action Steps and be entered in a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!  Jan 14-27, 2019. 

Must be a member of the Facebook group 14 Day Marketing Challenge to be entered.

14 Day Marketing Challenge

Facebook group:

The 14 Day Marketing Challenge will help you improve how you do business on social media! It's the KEY COMPONENT you've been missing!

My favorite way of recruiting on Social Media was always...getting people to reach out to ME.
But there's a RIGHT way and a WRONG way.  It is easier now than ever before to recruit on social media, especially with so many people doing it the wrong way.

Some of the Key elements of this 14 Day Marketing Challenge are:
-Raise TRUST in you as people get to know you better. Do YOU buy from someone you don't know and don't trust?
- Raise curiosity with your content (will someone stop scrolling to make sure they listen to what you have to say for the promise of a gain or do you just sound like everyone else)
- Don't give too much information allowing people to rule out what you have. Constantly sharing company and or product name simply gives them enough info to rule it out or do their own independent research and then you are left to the whims of Google (and most people talking about your company are people selling THEIR own competing product, so they'll say ANYTHING- even LIE)
- Instead of trying to get a scrolling, drive-by signup, try to get the scroller to stop, listen, then reach out to have a conversation with you.
Inside that conversation is where you use the tools and scripts I'll provide to point them to what you were hoping to sell.

These things and much, much more are what we are going to be covering in the 14 Day Marketing Challenge but more important than that we are going to get you into major massive action and momentum.

We'll begin the Daily Challenges on Jan 14 and finish up on Jan. 27. Each day of the Challenge you'll watch a Facebook Live which gives you that day's Action Step. When you've completed the Action Step for that day, you'll post in this group and complete the form below. More instructions coming as we get closer to the start!

Group will close by Jan 13 or whenever we reach 20 members since we want to keep this group small and intimate.