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How do I enroll as a Plexus Ambassador?

Contact your Ambassador,

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Or text me at 479-616-6513 or email me at and I'd be happy to assist you and help you become a part of the Training 4 Diamond team!

If you ever have a problem with your order, website or Virtual Office area, or need to return something, the Customer Service Department is there for you:

Customer Service Telephone: 480-998-3490

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5:00am–6:00pm Mountain Standard Time (M-F)
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Plexus Worldwide Headquarters:

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Step 1: Getting Started: Your First Goals

ALL new ambassadors should do Step 1:  How To Login, How to Place an Order, Using the Products, etc.  The steps to get to Silver Ambassador and your first $100 Bonus! 

Step 2: Beginners Training : How to Build Your Business for the Long-Term

If you're interested in building a great side income, read this page! 

Step 3The 1-2-3 System: Easy System to Build your Business

Welcome to Team Training 4 Diamond!

As an Ambassador, you now have the opportunity to purchase your product at wholesale for yourself, or to build a business that can be as profitable as you need it to be!

Most Ambassadors started out joining to be able to purchase the products at the lowest possible price, but soon found that so many people were asking them "What's making you feel so much better?" that they quickly began to realize these products "sell" themselves, and they could earn a nice little side income without a lot of effort.

If there is anything you don't understand on this website, contact your Sponsoring Ambassador, or you can use the Contact Us form to ask any questions they might not be able to answer.

​My goal here is simple: To help you reach YOUR goals...whether it's to have your products paid for each month, to have a profitable part-time business to help pay some bills each month, or to make Plexus your full-time career.

Team Training 4 Diamond!

Fun, Friends, Family, Fit & Healthy, Financial Freedom!